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Customer Care



The Saint Peter School District is committed to providing customer service throughout District 508 with an emphasis on being respectful, responsive, and caring.  If there is a concern or question about customer care or customer service, please direct your response to:

South Elementary Early Learning Center

Doreen Oelke, Principal (507) 934-2754 ext. 223

North Intermediate   

Darin Doherty, Principals (507) 934-3260 ext. 600

Saint Peter Middle and High School

Annette Engeldinger, Principal (507) 934-4210 ext. 400

Early Childhood Education

Ytive Prafke, Special Programs Administrator  (507) 934-2754 ext. 230

Community and Family Education

Tami Skinner, Director (507) 934 - 3048

Saint Peter School District

Paul Peterson, Superintendent (507) 934-5703 ext. 221