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Saints Digital Learning Initiative


Through the Saints Digital Learning Initiative, Saint Peter Public Schools continues its commitment to offering students and teachers access to best-practice strategies and modern equipment to improve the classroom experience. The Saints Digital Learning Initiative will provide students and teachers modern technology tools to enhance teaching and engage students in the skills necessary for them to achieve success in the 21st Century.


The Saints Digital Learning Initiative will provide modern tools to assist teachers to enhance our high-quality instruction and rigorous learning experiences for students in ways that cannot be achieved using traditional tools and materials. By utilizing mobile devices, such as iPad Minis, teachers are enabled to more effectively engage different types of students, because the resources for learning are in the hands of the learner. Face-to-face learning experiences will be enhanced by mobile devices through increased student engagement and new opportunities that empower students to become self-motivated learners and develop positive digital citizenship skills.


Beginning with the Class of 2017, all 9th grade students will be issued a mobile device through a 1-to-1 digital learning program that will provide each student a personal learning tool that can be adapted to various courses and learning experiences. Our 1-to-1 digital learning program will provide students new opportunities for authentic experiences to develop the skills and strategies for using emerging digital tools that they will need to be prepared to achieve success in college and careers after high school.


At the elementary level, the Saints Digital Learning Initiative will employ a mobile device cart model that will provide mobile devices for small group instruction to reinforce concepts and individual practice for students. As students get older, collaboration between students increases and the cart model will also provide opportunities for students to collaborate and publish information using digital tools.


This is an exciting time for our schools, and we look forward to working with our students and families to further enhance the educational experience in Saint Peter Public Schools.


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