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Quarter 1




Physical Education 7
Quarter 1
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Course Description:
As seventh graders, you are entering a new building, facing new challenges and preparing for your high school career. One of the most important components to ensure success is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this class, you will participate in many activities, both physical and academic, that will guide you to achieve your healthy lifestyle goals. You will be evaluated by your pre and post fitness test scores.
Units and Topics covered:
        Goal setting
·        Health-related components of fitness
·        Skill-related components of fitness
·        President’s Challenge Physical Fitness Tests
·        Flag Football
·        Soccer
·        Softball
·        Swimming
·        Grades will be based on completion of academic content, participation and attendance.
·        Daily points – 15 points/day, each category is 0-3 points
E = 100% Effort                   Teamwork
R = Respect                          Good sportsmanship
                                           Play by the rules
                                           Positive to peers
                                           Care of equipment
OT = On Task                       Stay on task
                                           Follow directions
PA = Prompt Attention Whistle/Voice = Listen
                                           Delayed attention = loss of points
DC = Dress Code                   Appropriate Uniform
                                           On time
In squad
                                           No gum
·        Tests, quizzes, worksheets, assignments, make-up work grades are based on total points.
·        Grade percentages
94-100        A                 77-79                   C+                60-63                   D-
90-93                   A-               74-76                   C                 0-59            F
87-89                   B+                70-73                   C-
84-86                   B                 67-69                   D+
80-83                   B-                64-66                   D
“Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.” Mike Singletary
Physical Education
Make-up Assignment
Choose one of the following to make up the day you were absent from class. Assignments should be typed.
A.  Find a newspaper/magazine article relating to health and fitness. Write a one-page reaction to the article. This is not a summary of the article. Attach the article or a copy of it to your reaction paper.
B.     Exercise 30-60 minutes outside of class. Complete the form on the back of this sheet. Make sure to get it signed.
C.     Exercise 30-60 minutes with an adult (out of high school). Write one paragraph about your experience and have the adult sign your paper.
D.      Make a poster explaining one of the health-related or skill-related components of fitness.
E.     Find a newspaper/magazine article relating to health and fitness. Give a brief oral report to the class about the article and what you learned.
F.      Set up an appointment with one of the physical education teachers to help clean the fitness center.
G.      Draw the new food pyramid and describe each category.
Make-up Assignment Log
Student Name___________________________   Date___________
The purpose of the following is to document participation in a health-enhancing physical activity outside of the scheduled physical education class.    This is a make-up assignment for absences. Activity should be 30-60 minutes in length and should be of moderate intensity. 
What I did:____________________________________________
How long I did it:_______________________________________
Intensity: (circle one)     LOW                MEDIUM             HIGH
My activity exercised these muscles (be specific, name them):
My activity improved _________________, which is one of the
health-related or skill-related (circle one) components of fitness.
It also improved my health in the following ways:
One of my health and fitness goals is:______________________
Parent/Coach signature:_________________________________