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I can be contacted at 507 934-4210 ext. 433 or


Civics 8 Course Outline and Assignments

  1. Explain what citizenship in the nation means and what it takes to be a good citizen of this country. Discuss the rights, duties, and obligations of a responsible and active American citizen.
  1. Watch the national evening news five days in a row OR read the front page of a major daily newspaper five days in a row. Discuss the national issues you learned about with your teacher. Choose one of the issues and explain how it affects you and your family.
  1. Discuss each of the following documents. Explain how you feel life in the United States might be different without each one.
a. Declaration of Independence
b. Preamble to the Constitution
c. The Constitution
d. Bill of Rights
e. Amendments to the Constitution
  1. List the six functions of government as noted in the preamble to the Constitution. Discuss how these functions affect your family and local community.
  1. With your teacher's approval, choose a speech of national historical importance. Find out about the author, and tell your class about the person who gave the speech. Explain the importance of the speech at the time it was given, and tell how it applies to American citizens today. Choose a sentence or two from the speech that has significant meaning to you, and tell your counselor why.
  1. Name the three branches of our federal government and explain their functions. Explain how citizens are involved in each branch. For each branch of government, explain the importance of the system of checks and balances.
  1. Name your two senators and the member of Congress from your congressional district. Write a letter about a national issue and send it to one of these elected officials, sharing your view with him or her. Show your letter and any response you receive to your class.

Daily Class Requirements:
    1. Have a writing utensil.
    2. Have a notebook and folder
                                                              i.      You will not have a lot of papers but you need a place to keep assignments.
                                                            ii.      Same with a notebook, you can use one from another class, but have it every day.
    1. Bring your textbook every day.
    2. Turn all work in on the due date.
                                                              i.      You will be successful in this class if you turn every assignment in on time.
                                                            ii.      Much of the work you have we will be working on in class.
                                                              i.      Civics is very cool but it is much more interesting when you are involved in the class than when I stand in front and do all the talking.