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Course Syllabus



Bienvenue à la classe de français!

Curriculum:  Bien dit! by Holt McDougal. 

Homework:  Students have regular, short assignments in their workbooks.  Students who are attentive in class will find that the assignments are simple and quick to complete.  They are always carefully integrated with the lesson and designed to provide practice.  Assignments must be completed on time in order to receive credit.  Workbook assignments are typically worth one point.  Students will also be expected to occasionally turn in their notebooks for evaluation and points.

Testing:  Each unit contains a series of lesson quizzes (20 points each) and one major test (100 points.)  The tests are designed to assess progress in listening, reading and writing in French.  One quiz score is dropped from the student's average each quarter.  This can be the student's lowest score or the one missed due to absence for any reason.  Students therefore do not make up missed quizzes, unless they miss more than one during the quarter.  If this happens, the first missed quiz will drop and any others will be made up.  This is to simplify the problem of make-up work, especially because each test includes a listening component which has to be administered in the French classroom.  The unit tests are a more important assessment and cannot be dropped.

Grading:  The grade is based on a percentage of points earned, following this scale:

                                  93%-100%     A                            73%-76%      C

                                  90%-92%       A-                           70%-72%      C-

                                  87%-89%       B+                          67%-69%      D+

                                  83%-86%       B                            63%-66%       D

                                  80%-82%       B-                           60%-62%       D-

                                  77%-79%       C+                          below 60%     F

Extra Credit:  Extra points are occasionally available as prizes in a review game.  For the most part, extra credit does not exist.

Bring to class:  textbook, workbook, notebook for note-taking, pen or pencil, good attitude, sense of humor!

Tips for success:  

  • Pay attention in class.
  • Do assignments carefully and on time.
  • Review regularly (5 minutes a day!), not just before the test.

Special Events:   

  • Annual French Camp weekend, usually in February
  • Annual Fundraiser
  • Café Mardi Gras, after school on Mardi Gras (Bring friends!)
  • Correspondence with French pen pals
  • French IB students participate in the National French Exam (le Grand Concours) in March.  Finalists will be recognized at the University of Minnesota in May.