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Ubersense Video Analysis




Content Standard(s)

Minnesota or National Standards:  cite the grade level and standards using the numbers as well as the text.  Use only relevant parts to help focus your lesson planning.

Standard 1 - Benchmark 1: Students will demonstrate competence in an increasing number of at least three of the following different types of movement forms: aquatics, team sports, individual and dual sports, outdoor pursuits, self-defense, dance, gymnastics

Standard 2 – Benchmark 1: Students will assess the movement skills of self and others.

Standard 6 – Benchmark 3: Students will enjoy working with others in a sport activity to achieve a common goal.

Content Learning Objective(s)

What will the students know, understand, or be able to do at the end of the lesson?


By the end of this lesson students will be able to…

·         Demonstrate proper technique when shooting a basketball
·         Self-assess their own skill level and make corrections using side-by-side comparisons to an expert
·         Use technology (iPad) to improve a skill concept



Type of Assessment (Informal or Formal)

Description of Assessment


Evaluation Criteria
















How will you gather information about student knowledge?




Students will be helping one another record a skill and assessing their skill level compared to an expert


Student will turn in a video of their skill for the teacher to critique through the use of the Ubersense app.


What changes to the assessment are necessary so that all students could demonstrate their learning?



All students will be able to use this form of assessment





Students that are unable to perform this skill will be asked to record a skill they can perform and turn that in.

What evidence of student learning (related to the learning objectives and central focus) does the assessment provide?


Provides the use of technology for the student and the opportunity to self-assess their skill.




Students will share all videos with the teacher allowing the teacher to see improvement of the skills



Materials/Resources Needed

Teacher Materials:

Student Materials


What materials and resources will you need to successfully complete the lesson?

What materials and resources will the students need to successfully complete the lesson?                










iPad to demonstrate the use of the Ubersense app.







iPad with the Ubersense app downloaded to use when filming a skill










Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks


5 min

Students will be asked to get into their squads for attendance.


25 min

Warm-up with couch to 5K program week 3



5 min


Review proper technique of shooting a basketball

·         B - Balance
·         E - Elbow
·         E - Eyes
·         F - Follow through


Use the cue B.E.E.F. to help



10 min


Explain the process of using the Ubersense app.

·         The app will have videos that can be used for side-by-side comparisons.  You will be in partners with one student practicing while the other records.
·         Once a recording is done the student can view the recording and make notes of what is going right or wrong.  The video can also be compared to a video that I have already shared with you. 
·         The rest of the class period will be spent practicing proper technique for a basketball shot, and using Ubersense to help you demonstrate mastery of the skill
·         It does not matter if the shot goes in the hoop or not I am only focused on demonstrating the skill
·         Each of you will share two videos with the teacher.
·         The first video of the skill and then a final video at the end of the class period demonstrating the skill
·         During the class period I will be available to help with the skill or if you have questions about the technology, but use Ubersense and your partner to help develop your skill.


Record multiple shots in one clip




Use the clip that I have shared with you to compare



Stay on task with your partner








Can take more videos but only required to share 2 with the teacher


25 mins


Using Ubersense practice the skill of shooting a basketball



5 mins


Demonstrate the skill to the teacher without being recorded



5 mins


·         I will be going through all the videos and sharing what was done well and what could be improved on.
·         Tomorrow we will continue to practice this skill and progress on to the next skill.

Don’t forget to share 2 videos with the teacher.