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Polar Team App Lesson Plan



 Polar Team App Lesson Plan:


Content Standard(s)

Minnesota or National Standards:  cite the grade level and standards using the numbers as well as the text.  Use only relevant parts to help focus your lesson planning.

Standard 3 – Benchmark 1: Students will participate regularly in health enhancing and personally rewarding physical activity in multiple settings.

Standard 4 – Benchmark 4: Students will meet or show progress towards health-related fitness standards such as Fitnessgram or another standardized health-related assessment.

Content Learning Objective(s)

What will the students know, understand, or be able to do at the end of the lesson?


By the end of this lesson students will be able to…

·          Understand activities that increase and decrease heart rate
·         Find their individual maximum heart rate
·         Keep their heart rate in the Hard to Moderate range (70-90% of maximum heart rate) for 60% of the class period



Type of Assessment (Informal or Formal)

Description of Assessment


Evaluation Criteria










How will you gather information about student knowledge?



Students heart rates will be shown on the teachers iPad during the entire class period.

What changes to the assessment are necessary so that all students could demonstrate their learning?


For students with asthma or other disabilities their percentage would be modified accordingly. 

What evidence of student learning (related to the learning objectives and central focus) does the assessment provide?


Students will be able to see where their heart rate is, and the amount of energy needed to keep their heart rate at a high level.



Materials/Resources Needed

Teacher Materials:

Student Materials


What materials and resources will you need to successfully complete the lesson?

What materials and resources will the students need to successfully complete the lesson?                




H7 Heart Rate Monitors



Weight lifting equipment

iPad for the teacher to monitor student progress





Heart rate monitors for each students






Weight lifting equipment for part of the class period




Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks


5 min

Students will get into squads for attendance


10 min


Show students how to put on and use the heart rate monitors

·         Strap goes around the body and connect on the side
·         The monitor must go across the chest
·         The watch should show a reading if there is no reading readjust until the monitor finds a heart rate



10 min


Students get their assigned monitor, put it on, and make sure it is working


Pre-assigned heart rate monitors to match up with the iPad app


30 min


Cardiovascular endurance focus

·         Following an Insanity Max 30 workout video – Cardio Challenge
·         Students will follow along with the video that is being projected on a large wall


Running or other types of cardiovascular work could be done here.


20 min


Circuit Lifting

·         Perform a set of 12 repetitions on a weight lifting machine
·         Run 1 lap around the gymnasium
·         Repeat for 10 machines




5 min

Cool Down/Closure

·         Allow students to walk and cool bodies down
·         Wash the heart rate monitors and wipe them dry before returning them.

Use soap and water or a cleaning spray and paper towel.