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Kindergarten goals



During your child's kindergarten year he/she will have many goals to meet.  He/she will have academic goals, large and fine motor goals, and general information goals


General Information Goals:

  • Print first and last name
  • Know first and last name
  • Know days of the week
  • Know colors

Academic Goals:


  • Know the letters of the alphabet {both capital and lowercase}
  • Know the sounds of each letter in the alphabet
  • Know how to recall and print each letter of the alphabet
  • Know how to sequence and retell a story
  • Know rhyming words
  • Know the 42 of the 84  high frequency words taught
  • Know how to build words and blend sounds to hear a word
  • Know how to read 3 letter word family words


  • Know shapes
  • Know how to count by 5s to 1oo
  • Know how to count by 10s to 100
  • Know how to count by 1s to 100
  • Know how to write numbers 1-31
  • Recognize numbers 1-31
  • Know how to count backwards from 20
  • Know how to sort objects
  • Know how to create and extend a pattern
  • Understand concepts of more and less
  • Recognize and understand value of: penny, nickel, dime, and quarter
  • Recognize time by the hour
  • Know how to solve simple addition and subtraction problems

Small motor skills:

  • Use crayons and pencils correctly
  • Holds and cuts with scissors correctly
  • Forms letters and numbers from top to bottom

Large motor skills:

  • Jumping
  • Hopping
  • Skipping
  • Galloping