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 North Elementary in need of single-speed bikes

Donated bikes to be used as part of school’s new ‘Take 20’ fitness program


North Elementary is looking for donations of single-speed bikes to use as part of its new ‘Take 20’ program which will provide kids with an extra 20 minutes a day of physical activity, including riding on stationary bikes.


A grant through the Saint Peter Education Foundation provided funds to purchase 30 stands that can be used with single-speed bikes to make them stationary bikes. The sizes of bikes that are needed are 20-inch, 24-inch, and 26-inch.


“We are looking for a variety of bikes in good, working condition to use for this new program,” North Elementary Principal Darin Doherty said. “The stationary bikes will be just one of four stations that each classroom will do on a daily basis, but right now our greatest need, to make sure we can get this program off the ground when school starts, are single-speed bikes.”


Those interested in donating a single-speed bike should contact North’s bike donation hotline at 507-550-0174 to set up a time to drop the bike(s) off. Any bike donation would be tax deductible.


More info on the Take 20 program

The new Take 20 program will have four stations, including the stationary bikes, and all the students in grades 2-4 will take part in the program, which will provide an extra 20 minutes of physical activity each school day.

“Each classroom will be assigned to one of the stations daily and they will rotate throughout the week,” Doherty said. “We have it setup where it will be in a different part of the day then their normal physical education classes, which are held two days a week.”

Those four stations include:

* Stationary bikes/spinning class -- the single speed bikes will be mounted on stands in one of the former classrooms and set up in rows facing a projection screen in front. The screen will depict a certain scene where the students will “riding” along on that particular course.

* Adventures in Fitness -- this will take place in the music room in the afternoon where students will be facing a projector which will show a video of something like a safari or a nature walk. During this time students will have certain exercises they will do which will mimic what they’re seeing on the screen, such as climbing up a hill or crawling underneath something.

* Yoga -- Every four days, the students will head to the gym for Yoga class with Mrs. Guentzel, who is a certified kids’ yoga trainer for a variety of fun activities.

* Stations on the stage -- Charlie Chouanard, the district’s occupational therapist, will have six stations set up on the gym stage where students in groups of four will take part in a variety of physical activities.