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Math 85 Course Syllabus




Math 85

Mrs. Annexstad

934-4210  ext: 432


Course Description

Math 85 is specifically designed for students in the 12th grade with limited arithmetic and algebraic background.  The purpose of this course is to prepare the student for the rigors of the Accuplacer Test (math entrance exam) required by most two-year colleges and tech schools.  Topics include the study of real numbers, variable expressions, equations and inequalities (with one and two variables), geometry, systems of equations, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions and radicals.


Text:   Algebra Introductory and Intermediate, An Applied Approach, 5th Edition; Aufmann and Lockwood; 2011


Materials: notebook and folder (or three-ring binder), pencil


Grading: Grades will be based on weighted percentages:

class work (20%)

quizzes (30%)

tests (50%)


Class work

  • Expect assignments regularly, with work time provided in class.
  • Each assignment is worth 5 points, based on completion.
  • Appropriate work must be shown on all problems that have multiple steps to receive full credit.



  • Expect one or two quizzes per chapter and a test at the end of the chapter.
  • Tests and quizzes are graded on accuracy with partial credit given for correct work.


Online Communication

  • Google Classroom    Join using:  cj4ar83


Additional Expectations

·         If students are struggling with the material, they should seek extra help.  I am available before and after school or during period 8.  You can also make other arrangements as needed.

·         Due to classroom disruption and data/test security, no cell phones or portable media players of any kind may be used in the classroom without my permission.

·         All students are expected to be respectful of others and do their part to create a positive learning environment. Behavior that disrupts the learning environment will not be tolerated.


Grading Scale:

                93% - 100%          A

                90% - 92%            A-

                87% - 89%            B+

                83% - 86%            B

                80% - 82%            B-

                77% - 79%            C+

                73% - 76%            C

                70% - 72%            C-

                67% - 69%            D+

                63% - 66%            D

                60% - 62%            D-

                59% or lower        F




Materials:                        ~notebook {notes and homework}


                                            ~pencil {All tests and quizzes must be done in pencil.}

                                            ~scientific calculator  or graphing calculator{No extras available from Mrs. A.}

                                                 Smartphone calc apps, phone calculators, and iPad apps not permitted.



Ø Be on time!

Ø Be prepared!

Ø Honestly try!

Ø Respect others.

Ø Electronic device etiquette