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Bienvenue à la classe de français!

Curriculum:  Tableaux culturels de la France by J. Susanne Ravisé, Astérix Gladiateur by Goscinny and Uderzo, Lancelot by Chrétien de Troyes, L'Avare by Molière and Les Misérables, the musical in the original French version.  This course is designed to be a change of pace from the traditional grammar class and will focus on the development of oral communication and vocabulary building.  This course is offered alternate years and is different from the French III/IV Grammar and Culture course. 

Homework:  Assignments will be very rare in this course.  Instead, it will be important for students to take good notes in class and to study for frequent tests.

Testing:  History tests will include short quizzes (always announced) and longer tests.  One quiz score will drop each quarter, either the lowest score or the one missed for any absence.  Therefore, students will not make up missed quizzes, unless they miss more than one during the quarter.  This is to simplify the problem of make-up work.  Likewise, one literature test may be dropped each quarter.  The longer history tests must be made up.

Grading:  The grade will be determined based on this breakdown:

  • History assessments      40%
  • Literature assessments      40%
  • Class participation     20%

The grade is based on a percentage of points earned, following this scale:

94%-100%     A                        74%-76%     C

90%-93%     A-                         70%-73%     C-

87%-89%     B+                        67%-69%     D+

84%-86%     B                          64%-66%     D

80%-83%     B-                         60%-63%     D-

77%-79%     C+                        below 60%     F

Extra Credit:  Extra points are occasionally available as prizes in review games.  For the most part, extra credit does not exist.

Bring to class:  textbook, folder for organizing handouts, pen or pencil, good attitude, sense of humor!

Tips for success:

  • Pay attention in class.
  • Make vocabulary flashcards.
  • Review regularly (5 minutes a day!), not just before the test.
  • Invest in a French dictionary.

Special Events and Projects:

  • Annual French Camp weekend
  • Annual Fundraiser, in September
  • Café Mardi Gras, after school on Mardi Gras (Bring friends!)
  • Correspondence with French pen pals
  • Trip to France in June '16 -- Registration will begin in the spring.
  • Minnesota Language Proficiency Assessments are given in the spring to students at this level.