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Saint Peter Middle/High School serves students in grades 7-12. There are approximately 350 students in the middle school (grades 7 and 8) program and 600 students in grades 9 through 12. To serve these students, Saint Peter High School has a comprehensive program balanced between exploratory, college preparatory, fine arts, and vocational course work.

The senior high school operates under a modified four-period day concept. This allows 95-minute periods for certain subjects such as science, English, social studies, and career/technical education courses, and 45-minute periods in mathematics, world languages, music, and certain elective subjects. This blend provides for a variety of learning styles and allows teachers and students to concentrate on fewer subjects during the school day.  Although seventh and eighth grade students share a common facility with students in grades 9-12, there are a variety of distinctions that are made between the middle and high school programs.  The seventh and eighth grade program is exploratory in nature and exposes students to numerous curriculum areas.
High school students are required to earn twenty-seven credits for graduation including four credits each in English, science, and math; three and one-half credits in social studies, two credits in physical education/health, one credit in the arts, and eight and one-half elective  credits.   Additionally, all 12th grade students are required to complete the “Senior Achievement”, a multi-faceted independent study that serves as a capstone experience to their high school career. There are over 40 activities offered to students in the areas of fine arts, academic competitions, athletics, and club/organizations. 
Students in the middle school take a full-course load throughout the year with study in core subject areas as well as study in music, family and consumer science, art, and industrial technology education. Students are also exposed to world languages or reading in their middle school years.
Over 80 percent of Saint Peter graduates go on to post-secondary education following high school. Saint Peter High school is proud of the fact that we have a well-rounded educational program that has graduated nearly 10,000 students since 1900 to be leaders for the future.
The writing etched on the entrance of Saint Peter Middle/High School, "Enter to learn, leave to serve" represents the shared values of our school and community.
Commitment to education has been a long-standing tradition in Saint Peter. As a rural, college community, educating the whole child has been a collaborative effort amongst the school, business and higher education communities. As a result, students are provided a rich, varied and comprehensive educational program. Whether it be through collaboration on national grants, coordinating tutoring programs, or supporting and evaluating student teachers, Saint Peter residents have long valued meaningful school-community partnerships. 
Over the years, the college, business community and schools have developed partnerships that allow middle and high school students to use the town as a service-laboratory, identifying and addressing needs with collaborative efforts. Not only are Saint Peter students provided with real-world service opportunities within the community, they also benefit from seeing service modeled by our community leaders. Saint Peter Jaycees, Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary Clubs are all active organizations whose membership consists of business, school and other community leaders.