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SPHS honors upcoming graduates at Senior Night Awards program



SPHS's Class of 2014 was honored on Wednesday night during the annual Senior Awards program in which numerous awards and scholarships were announced. Shown here is SPHS Principal Dr. Paul Peterson announcing some of the winners. (Photo courtesy of Ed Lee/St. Peter Chamber of Commerce)


A sure sign that the end of the school year is almost upon us is the hosting of the annual St. Peter High School Senior Awards Night program.


This year's program was held at the SPHS theatre with Principal Dr. Paul Peterson providing the welcome and opening remarks as well as the closing.


The following are this year's Senior Award winners:




QUILL & SCROLL AWARD (by George Schoenborn)

Peterian -- Chloe Bachman



John Philip Sousa Band Award -- Michael Spear

Senior Drum Major Award -- Kenneth Lusty

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award -- Kenneth Lusty



VOCAL MUSIC AWARDS (by Scott Hermanson)

National School Choral Award -- Chloe Bachman & Daniel Marlow



Oratory Award -- David Miller

Scholarship -- Kirsten Makela

American Award -- Carolyn Conlon

Citizenship -- Kali Cummins

Academic Achievement -- Collin Thompson

Essay -- Carolyn Conlon

Faily Consumer Science -- Ashton O’Gorman

Vocal Music -- Cassandra Lamb & Kenneth Lusty

Instrumental Music -- Megan Ellerbeck

Male Athlete -- Ryan Hoehn

Female Athlete -- Chloe Bachman



CHAPTER (by Garrett Pau)

Carolyn Conlon, Alys Ferragamo, Margaret Dimock, Natalie Weelborg & Caleb Ebeling


SENIOR FFA OFFICERS (by Gena Lilienthal)

President: -- Bethany Anderson

Vice President -- Riley Wenner

Secretary -- Alexia Riley

Reporter -- Anthony Nelson

Sentinel -- Benjamin Johnson

Treasurer -- Sara Osborne



Riley Wenner & Ashley Zutz



Chloe Bachman, Caleb Ebeling, Cody Erickson, Ryan Hoehn, Brennan Kelly, Danielle Leonard, Kirsten Makela, Keegan McCabe, Sara Osborne, Collin Thompson & Alex Willson.



Samuel Bennett & Sara Osborne



Cody Erickson & Danielle Leonard



Kirsten Makela & Keegan McCabe



Kolin Bartlett & Shawna Zabinski



Katie Anderson, Caleb Ebeling, Alys Ferragamo, Kailey Gibbs, Matthew Huber, Mallory Malecek, Michaela Meyer, David Miller, Michael Spear & Lance Willet.



Keegan McCabe



President -- Kirsten Makela

Vice President -- Chloe Bachman

Secretary -- Samuel Bennett

Treasurer -- Kali Cummins


SENIOR MURAL AWARD (by Carmen Hanson) 

Ashton O’Gorman - Design & Execution

Jorge Vazquez - Acknowledgements

Stephanie Winter – Acknowledgements



Chloe Bachman & Carolyn Conlon


STUDENT COUNCIL AWARDS (by Annette Engeldinger & Peggy Dimock)

Chloe Bachman – President

Keegan McCabe – Vice President

Carolyn Conlon – Secretary

Matthew Huber – Treasurer

Alexia Riley – Public Relations

Saijal Bhakta – Service/Participation

Members -- Kolin Bartlett, Margaret Dimock, Hallie Douglas, Bryce Hilde, Ingrid Karlsrud, Cassandra Lamb, Kirsten Makela, Sara Osborne, Ronald Pribyl & Molly Rudenick



Aaron Goedeke & Keegan McCabe



Valterri Korkiakoski – Finland



HONORS (by Dr. Peterson)


HONOR STUDENTS – Class of 2014

Requirement: Maintain A- Average (3.67)

Grades 9-12

Bethany Anderson, Saijal Bhakta, Cody Erickson, Ingrid Karlsrud, Meghan Kaveney, 

Cassandra Lamb, Kenneth Lusty, Michaela Meyer, Emily Rausch, Alexandra Rhodes, Alexia Riley, Cole Rolland, Leah Schroepfer, Matthew Seitzer, Michael Spear, Alex Willson, Adam Yeske & Shawna Zabinski.



Requirement: Maintain 4.0 or above

Grades 9-12

Chloe Bachman, Samuel Bennett, William Bennett, Maggie Chouanard, Carolyn Conlon, Kali Cummins, Margaret Dimock, Hallie Douglas, Caleb Ebeling, Alys Ferragamo, Ryan Hoehn, Matthew Huber,  Kirsten Makela, Mallory Malecek, Keegan McCabe, David Miller, Sara Osborne, Ashley Plamann, Brian Saulnier, Collin Thompson, Natalie Weelborg, Jestine Weiss & Lance Willet.



Kirsten Makela & Keegan McCabe


NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY (by Andrew Vander Linden)

Jestine Weiss -- President

Alys Ferragamo -- Vice-President

William Bennett -- Secretary

Keegan McCabe -- Treasurer

Members -- Bethany Anderson, Chloe Bachman, Allison Baumann, Samuel Bennett,

Kristina Bergeson, Saijal Bhakta, Maggie Chouanard, Carolyn Conlon, Kali Cummins, Margaret Dimock, Caleb Ebeling, Olivia Gullickson, Ryan Hoehn, Matthew Huber, Meghan Kaveney, Brennan Kelly, Cassandra Lamb, Danielle Leonard, Kirsten Makela, Mallory Malecek, Michaela Meyer, David Miller, Sara Osborne, Ashley Plamann, Emily Rausch, Alexandra Rhodes, Alexia Riley, Cole Rolland, Leah Schroepfer, Matthew Seitzer, Michael Spear, Natalie Weelborg, Alex Willson, Adam Yeske & Shawna Zabinski.



Samuel Bennett, William Bennett, Carolyn Conlon, Margaret Dimock, Alys Ferragamo, *Kirsten Makela, *Keegan McCabe, David Miller, Alexia Riley. (*-signifies Students of the Year)




Al and Cathy Annexstad Hope and Inspiration Scholarship (presented by Al and Cathy Annexstad) -- Molly Rudenick


SCHOLARSHIPS COORDINATED BY DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS (presented by Andrew Vander Linden unless otherwise noted)


Dollars For Scholars Scholarships -- Ridwan Abdi, Isiah Armendariz, Magi Card, Bryce Edwards, Kailey Gibbs, Ryan Hix-Wilking, Breanna Jaycox, Mariah Johnson, Meghan Kaveney, Cody Kurth, Kirsten Makela, Kaela Moss, Alexandra O'Gorman, Molly Rudenick, Anna Rustman, Leah Schroepfer, Travis Stiff, Ashley Zutz.


Signe Chilstrom Memorial Scholarship -- Kali Cummins


David C. Rosoff Memorial Scholarship -- Matthew Huber


Nicole Meier Memorial Scholarship -- Tanner Nadeau & Ashley Plamann


Eldred Engel Memorial Scholarship -- Kolin Bartlett & Courtney Roach


P.E.O. Chapter CN Scholarship -- Danielle Leonard


William D. Harvey Scholarship -- Carolyn Conlon, Alexia Riley, Alys Ferragamo, & Matthew Seitzer


Trinity Lutheran Church Scholarship -- Brennan Kelly


Richard Reyelts Memorial Scholarship -- Samuel Bennett


Riverside Dental Care Scholarship -- David Miller


Bob and Nathan Bruns Memorial Scholarship -- Emily Rausch


HomeTown Bank of St. Peter Scholarship -- Benjamin Johnson


Eileen T. Miller Memorial Music Scholarship -- Cassandra Lamb


Nelson Printing Scholarship -- Mallory Malecek


Don Nesheim Scholarship -- Ryan Hoehn


Nicollet County Bank Scholarship -- Lance Willet


Red Men Lodge Ottawa Tribe 49 Scholarship -- Alex Willson


Anonymous Memorial Scholarship -- Amy Lager


Women Celebrating Women Scholarship -- Sara Osborne


Loren & Mary Bjerke Memorial Scholarship -- Derek Evenson


First National Bank Minnesota Scholarship -- Natalie Weelborg


Emily Herr Memorial Scholarship -- Ingrid Karlsrud


Ashley Rose Leonard Memorial Scholarship -- Margaret Dimock & Shawna Zabinski


Marlys Christa Johnson Memorial Scholarship -- Brian Saulnier


Ameriprise Financial Scholarship -- William Bennett


St. Peter Rotary Scholarship -- Bethany Anderson & Keegan McCabe


Steve Koble Memorial Scholarship -- Daniel Marlow


Kley Family Scholarship -- Chloe Bachman


Dollars for Scholars Phone a Thon Scholarship -- Natalie Weelborg Alex Willson


College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) Scholarship (by Kirk Beyer) -- Saijal Bhakta


Kiwanis Club of St. Peter Scholarship (by Kris Kelly) -- Jestine Weiss


St. Peter Education Association Scholarship (by Jodi Nixon) -- Maggie Chouanard


St. Peter All School Reunion Committee Scholarship (by Robert Genelin) -- Aaron Goedeke


Sons of American Legion for Students of St. Peter High School Scholarship (by Bill Kautt) -- Collin Thompson


St. Peter Youth Basketball Association Scholarship (by Chelsea Alger) -- Cody Erickson & Olivia Gullickson


MISCELLANEOUS SCHOLARSHIPS (presented by Andrew Vander Linden unless otherwise noted) 


Andrew Kruger Memorial Scholarship (by Jodi Nixon) -- Benjamin Johnson


Raymond Jim and Dorothy L. Cain Scholarship (by Gena Lilienthal) -- Alexia Riley


2014 Seitzer Farms, Inc. DuPont Pioneer Saint Peter FFA Scholarship (by Gena Lilienthal) -- Benjamin Johnson


National FFA Deans Food Scholarship (by Gena Lilienthal) -- Alexia Riley


Bolton & Menk Scholarship (by Jeff Domras P.E.) -- Collin Thompson


St. Peter Fire Department John Kennedy Memorial Scholarship (by Robert Jones) -- Brendan Reese & Leah Schroepfer


River’s Edge Hospital and Clinic Healthcare Scholarship (by Amy Steffen) -- Cody Erickson, Keegan McCabe, David Miller & Sara Osborne.


The College of Saint Scholastica, The Benedictine Scholarship -- Bethany Anderson


The College of Saint Scholastica, The Benedictine Scholarship -- Kailey Gibbs


Band Aides Instrumental Music Scholarship -- Michael Spear


Ernie Vogal Memorial Scholarship -- Mariah Johnson


First Lutheran Church of Le Sueur Scholarship -- Sara Osborne


Genesis Scholarship -- Sara Osborne


United Farmers Cooperative Scholarship -- Sara Osborne


Nicollet/Sibley County Corn & Soybean Growers Scholarship -- Benjamin Johnson


*Teamsters Local 320 Lowell D. Lynch Scholarship, *MAASFEP Title I Scholarship, *University of MN, Morris Achievement Scholarship -- Alex Willson


Presidential Scholarship, Concordia University -- Chloe Bachman


The College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s Legacy and Trustees’ Scholarship --Kirsten Makela


The College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s President’s Scholarship -- Hallie Douglas


The College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s Legacy and Dean’s Scholarship -- Amy Lager


Society of Women Engineers Certificate of Merit Award -- Jestine Weiss


*Ashlar Lodge #111, The Dan Rufer Scholarship, *Iowa Central Community College

- Athletics Band Scholarship/Theater Scholarship/Choir Scholarship/Student Merit Scholarship -- Megan Ellerbeck


*U of M, Morris Achievement Scholar, *Milford O. Larson & Lois M. Larson Education Fund Scholarship -- Alexia Riley


Drake University Presidential Scholarship -- Aaron Goedeke


Saint Peter High School Class of 1950 Memorial Scholarship -- Maggie Chouanard


Jim Hughes Memorial Scholarship (by Dr. Peterson) -- Kali Cummins


Greg Wiese Scholarship (by Dr. Peterson) -- Emily Rausch


Elizabeth R. Meurer Memorial Scholarship (by Dr. Peterson) -- Alys Ferragamo, Matthew Huber & Alexia Riley


Edward H. Schultz Scholarship (by Dr. Peterson) -- Margaret Dimock, Kirsten Makela, Keegan McCabe & Natalie Weelborg


Community & Family Education senior driving program honored



St. Peter Community and Family Education recently  received the National AARP Driver's Safety Top 100 Host Award. Shown above are, (l to r), Jack Stouten, local instructor; Tami Skinner, St. Peter Community and Family Education director; Chuck Carr, AARP District Coordinator, and Don Overlie, AARP Zone Coordinator.


In 2013, out of 18,000 hosts, the St. Peter Community and Family Education program was one of the top 100 for largest number of participants and highest number of courses.




SPHS names 17 as third quarter Shining Saints



Those students honored as third quarter Shining Saints at a special breakfast reception included: front row (l to r), Evan Coakley, Ally Hagen, Melissa Chalupnik, Skyler Hochstein, Livy Gullickson; back row, Noah Hildebrandt, Cody Erickson, Anna Rustman, Tony Gomez and Meagan Speiss. Not pictured are Melic Thomas, Abdi Abubaker, Levi Ballman, Katie Schilling, Alex Hoehn, Brian Saulnier and Abdul Salem.



Seventeen students at St. Peter High School were honored as Shining Saints for the third quarter during a special breakfast reception on Wednesday morning.


Those students (and the teacher who nominated them) included:


Seniors -- Cody Erickson (Mr. W. Peterson), Olivia Gullickson (Mr. Vander Linden), Anna Rustman (Mr. Byrnes), Brian Saulnier (Mr. W. Peterson) and Melic Thomas (Mr. Englehorn).


Juniors -- Evan Coakley (Mr. Vander Linden), Anthony Gomez (Mr. Byrnes) and Meagan Speiss (Ms. Lilienthal).


Sophomores -- Abdi Abubaker (Mr. Borslien & Ms. Martinez), Levi Ballman (Mr. Greisen), Melissa Chalupnik (Madame Behrends), Allyssa Hagen (Mr. Vander Linden), Noah Hildebrandt (Mr. Hermanson), Skyler Hochstein (Madame Behrends), Alex Hoehn (Mr. Hermanson), Abdul Salem (Ms. Martinez).


Freshman -- Katherine Schilling (Mr. W. Peterson). 




SPHS junior chosen as National Youth Correspondent for D.C. conference

Jacob Rinehart, a St. Peter High School junior, has been selected to represent Kasota, Minn., as a National Youth Correspondent to the 2014 Washington Journalism and Media Conference at George Mason University.


The Washington Journalism and Media Conference will be held July 13-July 18.


Rinehart joins a select group of students from all over the country for an intensive study of journalism and media. Rinehart was chosen based on academic accomplishments and a demonstrated interest and excellence in journalism and media studies.


National Youth Correspondents participate in hands-on, experiential learning through decision-making simulations that challenge them to solve problems and explore the creative, practical, and ethical tensions inherent in journalism and media. The experiential portion of the program is complemented by speakers who are well-known leaders in the media community.


Presenters include prominent journalists, CEOs of major media outlets, researchers, and recent college graduates successfully entering the field. Last year’s conference included Hoda Kotb, Candy Crowley, Brian Lamb and Neil Leifer.


With distinguished faculty, guest speakers, and direct access to elite D.C. practitioners, the Washington Journalism and Media Conference offers aspiring journalists and student leaders an unparalleled experience. The week long program, held at George Mason University’s state-of-the-art campus, will encourage and inspire young leaders from across the country who desire a unique experience focused on successful careers in this dynamic industry.


SPHS ninth grader making her mark in curling


St. Peter High School ninth grader Aly Deegan (left) has become one of the top junior girl curlers in the state of Minnesota.


There are many amazing and talented people (students and staff) in the St. Peter Public School District, but one SPHS ninth grader Aly Deegan has an opportunity to compete on an international stage in a sport, curling, for which she has a great passion.

Curling, which is very popular during the Winter Olympics, is a sport in which players slide stones across a sheet of ice towards a target area which is segmented into four concentric rings.

Deegan is part of a four-girl team, based out of Mankato, which has done well at the state and national level -- good enough to have been invited to represent Minnesota at the 2014 Optimist U18 International Curling Championships in Surrey and Langely, British Columbia, Canada on April 2-6.. There, Deegan and her teammates will compete against other junior teams from Japan, Europe, Canada and the U.S. This event will also focus on high performance training as well.

Deegan’s team took part in the Minnesota State Playdowns back in late December 2013 where they went 7-1 to earn a spot in the 2014 Junior Curling National Championships in Seattle, Wash., on January 25 to February 1.

I recently had a chance to catch up with the busy SPHS freshman to get an idea how her season has gone to date. The following is a Q & A I had with Aly:

Where do you practice and compete during a typical season?

Training/Practice has been tricky this season, due to the Mankato Curling Club, having ice issues.  We spent lots of time traveling to weekend competitions such as Madison, WI; Duluth, MN; Rice Lake, WI; Blaine, MN; St. Paul, MN and Brainerd, MN. The team had to travel for practice ice which was mainly Mapleton, Blaine and Owatonna.  We are very hopeful that Mankato will have ice in the next week or so to put in extensive training time prior to B.C.

What do you enjoy most about curling?

I really enjoy to meet new people and spend time with so many people that enjoy the sport of curling too. I enjoy going to new places.

How long have you been involved with the sport?

Before I could walk... I grew up on the ice, we spend lots of time in the winter months at curling events.  I really started Jr curling in around the age of 5. I really went competitive in curling a couple years ago after my brother Dylan went to Nationals in Alaska in 2011.

What influence has your family had on your involvement in the sport?

Our family has a long history in curling.  My grandpa is a curler, my mom started around the age of 10 which then rolled over to my brothers (Dylan Deegan and Cole Deegan) and myself.   

One of the great things about curling is you can do it at all ages. 

My step dad, Kevin Birr, is also a curler. He won a Bronze medal at Worlds in 2007.  

Dylan and I both have curled competitively, I really look up to my older brother as a mentor.  He is the first one I will called when we made it to Nationals and was accepted in the U18 in B.C. I thought is was great that he came to watch me compete at State Playdowns in Duluth.

What are the most challenging aspects of the sport?

The mental part of the game, learning to not let missed shots get you down.  The most rewarding is making great shots, curling is a team sport and all 4 players have to work together. Each player throws 2 rocks each end, a total of 8 rocks.  While your teammate are throwing their rocks, 2 are sweeping in front of the rock and 1 "skip" doing the strategy of the game.

What are your short-term and long-term goals for the sport?

Short term is to do well when we represent the U.S. as Team Minnesota in British Columbia this coming April.  Long term goal is to advance to Nationals in 2015, and land in the top 4 spots.  Every athlete dreams for the Olympics, but right now I need to concentrate on winning Nationals to compete at the Worlds level.

What activities are you involved with at SPHS and what is it like to balance your life here at school, at home and at the curling rink?

I am also involved in soccer at SPHS.  I enjoy the intensity and aggressiveness of the sport, curling seems to be a intense in a calmer way. I enjoy being the "keeper" a majority of the time.  I also really like to play the field.  It was huge to me of all the support I got from my soccer team, friends and family. 

I do well in school and that is a top priority in-order for me to do competition the rule is I have to maintain a B or higher grade. The schedule not only affect myself but my family, my mom takes me to almost all my competition and practice.  I not only have the support of my family but the community, we go out as the team to find sponsorship to help fund all the expenses.