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Levels of play, and grade level placement for St. Peter HS Girls Soccer


Varsity- Simply stated, to make the varsity roster, you must be one of the best players in the program. Roster size will vary depending on the overall size of the program, but generally it can be expected the team would have 17-20 players. While it would take an extraordinary player in the 7th or 8th grade to make the varsity roster, technically all grade levels are eligible for varsity play, and we will assess all grade levels during the initial few days of practice. For a more defined piece on varsity expectations, see the section on Varsity Selection Criteria. Seniors are automatically placed on the varsity roster, and are guaranteed the opportunity to practice with the varsity squad, but are not guaranteed playing time with the varsity squad. Due to roster limits, and depending on squad size, a senior may not be allowed to dress for matches if their level of play does not meet the varsity standard. If a Senior’s level of play is below the varsity standard, that player will be encouraged to be on the junior varsity squad. This is to help develop their level of play in game situations, where they would be more likely to acquire playing time in matches.


Junior Varsity- The emphasis at this level is advanced technical skill development and cursory tactical advancement in order to prepare for varsity play. This team will consist primarily of players 9th through 11th grade who have not demonstrated the skills and/or understanding expected for varsity level play, but may also include seniors who choose to join this level (see above), and an occasional younger player who has shown their skills to be beyond the basic fundamental level of the C Squad. Winning is nice, but not the priority.


C-squad—The emphasis for this level of play is technical improvement. This squad plays a smaller game schedule, may have a smaller roster than the other squads, and works with players to improve fundamentals (team play, technical skill, love for the game). There is more of an effort toward balanced playing time, as we are trying to get all players on the squad to improve. This team will consist primarily of 7th and 8th grade players, and will include 9th grade players if the coaching staff believe the player needs additional fundamental work, or the player is new to the game.