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As players enter their junior and senior years, they may be considering whether they would like to play at the college level. I believe in the following principles regarding the encouragement and development of players for play after high school:

1. I will encourage any and every child interested in playing after high school to communicate with colleges which they have an interest.

2. For students who indicate this interest, I will be frank about their current skill levels, and where those levels will need to be to play after high school. I will never tell a child they have all the tools, and I will never tell a child they have no chance.

3. For students who indicate this interest, I will communicate regularly about the progress I think they are making toward their goals. The frequency of this communication will be established through conversation with the child.

You will notice immediately that parents are not a part of the process. Obviously, if you'd like to discuss your childs skills I am happy to do so. However, my conversations with college coaches over the last three years have been clear: it is THEIR expectation that interest is indicated by the PLAYER, not the parent. It shows initiative, leadership, communication skills, and desire to work for what they want. Coaches like that.

Generally, communication can happen in one of three ways:

1. A college coach will contact me regarding a specific player.

2. A college coach will contact me asking if we have any players interested in playing after high school.

3. A player asks me to contact a coach from a college that they have an interest in.

In the case of scenario 1 and 3, I will only communicate about that specific player. In scenario 2, I will send a predesigned Excel spreadsheet of data collected from players who have indicated an interest. All players will be included, I will not edit. The information required to complete this is at the end of this note. Cut an paste into a document and print off for your child to send me (or hand to me).

One final note. Current statistics are clear: playing at the college level is extremely difficult and very few high school players get the opportunity. While I encourage you to dream big with your child, I also encourage you to be realistic. Women's soccer is no ones meal ticket, and scholarships almost never are of the "full ride" variety... not in soccer. In fact, even at division 1 they can offer only 14 scholarships for 25 person roster, and those are split up among the players. And of course Division 3 has no athletic scholarships at all.

If your child is interested, have them complete the information below and send it to me. I will add them to the pool for coaches.

Coach Larson


Player Name


Date of Birth






Parents names


Players email


Players phone number






Graduation year




ACT (if taken)


Academic Achievements and year

Sports  Honors /Achievements /Awards and year


Community Activities and year


Co-Curricular Activities and Years participated