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Coaches Philosophy: My expectations of players has a lot to do with the age of the player. Beginning tennis players need to learn skills but in a low key method. The pressure of interscholastic sports and fielding a winning team comes with experience and skill improvement. We want to put out the best team possible at the varsity level. At the junior varsity level we are concerned most with players improving and not necessarily whether they win.

Expectations of Players: I expect players to:

1. Be on time

2. Treat team members with respect.

3. Treat opposing players and fans with resoect.

4. Treat coaches with respect

5. Follow the rules of tennis and fair play.


Attendance Expectations:

I expect players to be at every practice with very few exceptions:


1. Conflict with other school activities that take precedence.

2. Attending important family functions

3. Necessary appointments like medical, dental etc.

4. One unexcused absence is allowed. This gives each player one missed prctice with no questions asked if the absence does not meet any of the above exceptions.