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Scope and Sequence



 Saint Peter Golf

Scope and Sequence
Indoor Practice
Purpose: to review proper rules, golf swing and etiquette; warm up the golf swing
How We Will Do This:
            *review of rules
                        -golfers will take 3 rules tests within the first week of practice
                        -golfers passing these tests will be exempt from viewing the rules videos
-golfers not receiving a passing score on these tests, will watch the rules videos and correct the rules on their tests
            *work on the fundamentals of the game
                        -grip (overlap, interlocking, two-hand)
                        -proper stance (feet shoulder-width apart)
                        -proper arm position (elbows, wrist)
            *identify areas of game and the swings appropriate for each
                        -putting: slow stroke, follow through, narrower stance (carpet simulation)
                        -chipping: backswing determined by distance, follow through to target,
                        using various clubs depending on lie, etc. (targets/hula hoops, nets)
-full swing: position of arms and feet, placement of ball in stance, transfer of weight (nets)
**Each golfer has his/her unique swing. What might work for one golfer will not always work for another, however, reviewing the basic fundamentals can help each golfer find a swing that is effective and meets his/her individual needs.
Outdoor Practice
Purpose: to continue working on same skills as indoors and using them in true scenarios
How We Will Do This:
            *review of rules
                        -use the course to give scenarios and show the rules and procedures
                        -discuss rules that come up during practice rounds and competition
            *work on the fundamentals of the game
                        -putting green:               work on finding the stroke used at various distances
                                                            reading the greens (left and right break, slope)
                                                            bump and run (short irons vs. pitching/sand wedge)
                                    *1-2-3 putter lengths (make 15, 10, 5)
                                    *putt to a tee (feel of green vs. making putt)
                                    *Stop Putt (importance of follow through)
                                    *Eyes Closed Test (proper stroke/line)
                                    *Fringe Putting
            -Chipping/Sand                        identifying length of swing based on distance
                                                            positioning of club (open to lift, closed to roll)
                                                            location (land on green, roll to pin)
                                    *Target Practice
                                    *No-Wrist Chipping Drill
                                    *Groove Your Chipping Stroke
            -Range                                     pre-shot routines
identify distances for each club
                                                            hitting for location
                                                            practice “trouble” clubs
                                                            club selection (in rough, use an iron – in trees, find way out)
                                    *Target Practice
                                    *Preset Back Swing Drill
                                    *Consistent Swing
                                    *Easy Driver Drill
                                    *Hip Turn Drill
                                    *Give No Quarter Drill