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American Studies 7 Syllabus



Name of Course: United States Studies

Grade Level: 7

Course Description:

Grade seven features history as the lead discipline with a strong secondary emphasis on citizenship and government. The interdisciplinary “Studies” approach is further enhanced with important economics and geography content that round out the study of United States history. Students learn about people, issues and events of significance to this nation’s history from 1800 to the current era of globalization. They examine the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and Supreme Court decisions for their lasting impact on the American people, economy and governance structure. Students study civics and economic principles in depth, drawing connections between these disciplines and history to explain the impact of various policies on how people lived, worked and functioned in society. They create and use detailed maps of places in the United States and conduct historical inquiry on a topic in the nation’s history.

MDE 2012


Course Objectives:

1. The student will be able to outline the critical issues the American people have faced throughout history.

2. The student will be able to describe the development of the United States as a sovereign, territorial entity.

3. The student will be able to assess the importance of diversity in American society and culture.

4. The student will be able to examine the elements of change and continuity, conflict, and consensus in American history.

5. The student will be able to identify the various roles that the United States has played in world affairs throughout its history.


Text and Supplemental Materials:

Discovering Our Past       Appleby, Brinkley, & McPherson - Glencoe-McGraw-Hill (2014)


Major Projects:

1. Student/Parent Interview

2. Nerdcation Project

3. History Day Project


Assessment Criteria:

Assessment will include daily assignments, quizzes, and tests, as well as group and individual projects / presentations.


Grading Procedure

In order to receive a passing grade in this class, students are expected to complete class work and to take exams over the material assigned and studied.  A letter grade will be recorded according to the following scale:

                                                                       A 100 – 90 %

                                                                       B 89 - 80 %

                                                                       C 79 - 70 %

                                                                       D 69 - 60 %

                                                                       F 59 % and below