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Hello! My name is Ms. Gustafson, and I will be teaching 7th grade English and the advanced courses of 7th Grade English in room 204. I graduated from MSU, Mankato in 2015, and I am excited to work with my students this following year!

I understand that 7th grade can be challenging for many students at the beginning of the year, so I have included several tips and precautions on this page to help your student be successful in all of their classes!

My Classroom:

My students have access to my Google Classroom page, but unfortunately it is not available for the whole public. Parents/Guardians are more than welcome to view the Google Classroom page through their student's St. Peter access, but I unfortunately cannot add parents/guardians directly to the page.

Many of our writing assessments will be done on Google Classroom. The amazing thing about Google Classroom is that students can access assignments anywhere! If you have any questions about my Google Classroom page or concerns about accessing Google Classroom, please feel free to contact me!

***Please be prepared for a writing/reading assessement every month. Each unit lasts roughly 3-4 weeks, and the final assessment is either a written test or creative written assessment. Students will most likely be expected to create the assessment on Google Classroom.******

I also have an unfortunate situation where I do not have enough text books for all of my students to have one of their own. Because of this, class periods are expected to hand in text books on a given date (to be determined) so that others may use them. However, I will also upload copies of the stories on Google Classroom. Let me know if I have not made a certain story available.

To 7th grade parents and students:

All 7th grade students will be given a planner at the beginning of the year. If your student is unorganized or easily forgets assignments (as we all do), I highly suggest creating a set system with the planner. The individual teachers would be more than happy to answer any questions about assignments after or before class, and the students should ALWAYS bring the planner home to be signed or simply viewed by a parent/guardian. 

Organization is a pathway to success! If you can, invest in a binder with color-coded notebooks and folders.  I also HIGHLY suggest using a pencil case/carrier. Since 7th grade students are not allowed to bring backpacks to class, loose pencils are easily lost. The easiest carriers can simply be Ziploc plastic bags that are three-hole-punched into binders.

If you would like some more tips and tricks to keep your student organized, feel free to contact me, and we can set up a plan!

7th grade parents: 

Keep in mind that the first quarter parent-teacher slots fill up quickly! Please call the office to set up appointments for a specific time during conferences. Also, I am more than happy to schedule a conference outside of the regular times. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call my extension from the main office or email me at