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Cast and crew are rquired to get clear slips through the ISD 508 online registration system.

2017-2018 St. Peter  High School

One Act Play Cast and Crew

A huge thank you to all that tried out! We were impressed with your auditions and wish there were enough slots to have everyone involved. Keep an eye out for upcoming Spring Play information.


Danielle Epper

Antonia Weiss

Shay Kelley

Aurora Severson


Calvin Alderman

Eleanor Grinnell

Noah Faulstich

Nora Leonard

Katie Engeldinger

Matthew Springer

Mara Johnson

Josiah Johnson

Gloria Toupence

Kaiden Burmeister

Lauren Mayer

Sophia Lee

Kyle Fogal


The entire cast and crew will meet on Thur., Nov. 30th at 3:30.