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My name is Neil Doose.  I earned my teaching degree at St. Cloud State University and have an elementary teaching license, a middle school math teaching certificate, and also earned a coaching minor.  I have coached jr. high football for 18 years, basketball for 28 years, and boys golf for 10 years.  I also coached baseball for 15 years. 

My wife Michelle and I have 2 children.  Carter (age 15) and Madison (age 13).  My hobbies include camping, fishing, hunting, golf, softball, baseball and doing yard work.   

My duties at school are to help all middle school students achieve at their highest potential so they can be successful as members of our society.  My classrooms are very structured as I believe that students learn the best under ideal learning environments.  I enjoy helping and watching students learn and developing new skills.


Saint Peter Middle and Senior High School
                                                                                                                           Course Syllabus
Course:    Pre-Algebra 7                                                                                      
Grade Level(s):     7th
Course Description:    
     This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the concepts of algebra and geometry, to solidify the students grasp of arithmetic concepts and procedures, and to provide exploratory experiences in data analysis and probability. Problem-solving skills will also be developed throughout the course.
Course Objectives:
1.     Students will solidify computational skills with fractions, decimals, percents, and whole numbers.
2.     Students will apply problem solving strategies to topics including pre-algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, and measurement.
3.     Students will use formulas, tables and proportions to solve various problems
4.     Students will develop skills, concepts, and applications with                     number sense, estimation, and computation
Units covered in the course and major topics:
1.     Integers, Equations, and Inequalities
2.     Rational Numbers and Proportions
3.     Functions, Geometry and Measurement
4.     Data Analysis, Polynomials, and Angles
Text(s) and Supplemental Materials:    
1.     Pre-Algebra - McDougal Littell
Formal Evaluation
1.     Students will have quizzes/tests to measure learning.
2.     (Final test/assessment description):
        There will be a cumulative final exam at the end of the course.
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100-94                    A                 79-77          C+              62-60          D-
93-90          A-               76-73          C                <60             F
89-87          B+              72-70          C-
86-83          B                 69-67          D+
82-80          B-               66-63          D