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iMuscle 2 App



 iMuscle 2 Weight Training Lesson Plan:


Content Standard(s)

Minnesota or National Standards:  cite the grade level and standards using the numbers as well as the text.  Use only relevant parts to help focus your lesson planning.

Standard 1 – Benchmark 2: Students will document their competence in two or more types of movement forms, such as playing a team sport using all the skills and strategies, demonstrating proficiency in a variety of swimming strokes or creating and demonstrating a routine.

Standard 3 – Benchmark 2: Students will seek and select physical activities from a variety of movement forms based on personal interest, meaning and fulfillment.

Standard 3 – Benchmark 3: Students will develop and conduct a personal physical activity program meeting their needs.

Standard 4 – Benchmark 2: Students will use principles of training for the purpose of modifying levels of fitness.

Content Learning Objective(s)

What will the students know, understand, or be able to do at the end of the lesson?


By the end of this lesson students will be able to…

·          Demonstrate knowledge of the major muscles in the body
·         Understand different ways to strengthen the body
·         Create a workout program that can be used in class



Type of Assessment (Informal or Formal)

Description of Assessment


Evaluation Criteria















How will you gather information about student knowledge?





Through observation I will able to work with students and answer questions about the human body

Students will create a workout program that will incorporate 5 upper body and 5 lower body lifts



What changes to the assessment are necessary so that all students could demonstrate their learning?



Students are creating their own workout program so they are able to modify the program to best fit their abilities.





What evidence of student learning (related to the learning objectives and central focus) does the assessment provide?



The understanding of the body and the major muscles.




Based on the student created workout program the teacher will be able to track and keep record of the student’s workouts.



Materials/Resources Needed

Teacher Materials:

Student Materials


What materials and resources will you need to successfully complete the lesson?

What materials and resources will the students need to successfully complete the lesson?                








Weight lifting equipment

iPad to demonstrate the use of the app to possible allow for students to use the app to create a workout program





Students will use iPads to use the app and create and track their workout





The equipment will be used by the students to perform their workouts.




Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks


5 min

Students will go to their squads for attendance


10 min


Demonstrate the use of the app

·         Allow time for students to create a personal profile on the app
·         By selecting a certain muscle a list of exercises is shown to strengthen that muscle


Select correct height and weight

5 min


Explain the assignment

·         Throughout the day students will use the iPad to select muscles they would like to strengthen
·         Based on the exercises shown the student will practice some of them and choose which exercise works best
·         Perform a set of 10 repetitions of each exercise
·         They will choose 5 lower body muscles to strengthen, 5 upper body muscles to strengthen, and an abdominal workout
·         Those 11 exercises will be chosen by the student to create their personal workout program


50 min


Using the app and weight lifting equipment to create a personal workout program


Teacher will be moving around to help answer questions about muscles or about the app


10 min

Cool down/closure

·         Students will stretch to help their muscles cool down
·         Show the teacher that you have a completed workout program to follow

Have workout program completed