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Evernote Lesson Plan



 Creating a Dance Routine Lesson Plan:


Content Standard(s)

Minnesota or National Standards:  cite the grade level and standards using the numbers as well as the text.  Use only relevant parts to help focus your lesson planning.

Standard 1 – Benchmark 2: Students will document their competence in two or more types of movement forms, such as playing a team sport using all the skills and strategies, demonstrating proficiency in a variety of swimming strokes or creating and demonstrating a routine.

Standard 2 – Benchmark 4: Students will identify and apply critical elements to enable the development of movement competence/proficiency.

Standard 6 – Benchmark 2: Students will pursue new activities both alone and with others.

Standard 6 – Benchmark 4: Students will recognize that physical activity can provide a positive personal social environment for activities with others.

Content Learning Objective(s)

What will the students know, understand, or be able to do at the end of the lesson?

By the end of this lesson students will be able to…

·          Demonstrate the use of the Evernote app
·         Work in a group to create and demonstrate a routine



Type of Assessment (Informal or Formal)

Description of Assessment


Evaluation Criteria






















How will you gather information about student knowledge?




Through observation the teacher will be able to monitor students for participation



Students will share the notes with the teacher to allow the teacher to monitor progress


Students will demonstrate their final project for the teacher

What changes to the assessment are necessary so that all students could demonstrate their learning?


Students are working in groups to allow them to modify the dance how they feel necessary.




What evidence of student learning (related to the learning objectives and central focus) does the assessment provide?


Students are working together to create a final project





The use of Evernote as seen by the notes that are shared with the teacher





Students were able to work together to create a dance routine.



Materials/Resources Needed

Teacher Materials:

Student Materials


What materials and resources will you need to successfully complete the lesson?

What materials and resources will the students need to successfully complete the lesson?                







iPad to demonstrate the use of the Evernote app





Put students into groups

iPad to use Evernote to share notes with each other and the teacher


iPad to research different dances to possibly use in their routine.







Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks


5 min

Students will get into squads for attendance


10 min


Demonstrate the Evernote app

·         Allow students to create an account
·         Students can share notes with one another through the app
·         This is where the routine will be created and shared with the teacher



5 min


Students will be put into groups by the teacher

Pre-assigned groups

50 min


Students will work together with the use of their iPads to create a dance routine that they will perform

·         Students can use dances that have been practiced and performed in class
·         The iPad is a resource to find different dances
·         The dance must be 3 minutes long
·         Groups will be given today and tomorrow to complete and practice with presentations beginning at the end of the class period tomorrow.


10 min


·         Remind students what is to be ready to perform by the end of class period
·         The use of the Evernote app allows students to work together outside of class without needing to be in the same location