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2nd Grade Goals




Can Write a well formed sentence.



Knows spelling words taught to date.



Understands numbers and graphing.

Understands addition and subtraction: Patterns and Concepts.

Understands addition and subtraction facts and strategies.

Understands place value and patterns to 100.

Understands time, money, and measurement.

Understands two-digit addition and subtraction.

Understands numbers to 1,000.

Understands geometry and fractions.

Knows basic facts taught to date.



Social Studies, Science, and Health.

Participates and knows material taught.



Uses well formed letters.



Reads at least 65 words per minute at the end of first quarter.

Reads at least 75 words per minute at the end of second quarter.

Reads at least 85 words per minute at the end of third quarter.

Reads at least 95 words per minute at the end of fourth quarter