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Unit 1:Early Number Activities


___numbers 1-10

___patterns and shapes

___partners and totals (0+6=6,1+5=6, 2+4=6, 3+3=6, 4+2=6, etc.)

___visualizing numbers as a 5 group and ones

Unit 2: Operations and Simple Equations


___counting on with dots and fingers

___introducing penny and nickel

___counting on from the greater number

___introduction to subtraction with pictures and circle drawings

___addition and subtraction equations written in vertical form and horizontal form

Unit 3: Story Problem Strategies


___Math Mountains(counting on to find unknown partner)

___story problems with unknown partners

___solving equations with unknown partners

___subtraction with an unknown partner

Unit 4: Basic Ten Structured Concepts


___Introduction to Tens Groupings

___exploring teen numbers

___visualizing teen addition

___teen additon strategies

___understanding tens and ones

___practice grouping ones into tens

___counting on strategy for 2 digit numbers

Unit 5 Ten Structured Applications


___exploring dimes and pennies

___grouping pennies into dimes

___story problems with groups of ten

___teen coin amounts

___exploring the hundreds grid

___partners of 100 and dollar break-aparts

___unknown addends with teen totals

___subtraction with teen numbers

Unit 6: Comparison and Data Formats


___comparisons with picture graphs

___comparisons with tables and stories

___comparisons with measurement units

___comparison with shapes and patterns

Unit 7: Fractions, Circle Graphs, and Clocks


___halves and doubles

___fourths and halves

___simplce circle graphs

___digital and analog clocks

Unit 8: Money and 2 Digit Addition


___2 digit coin combinations

___2 digit addition

___2 digit addition with story problems

Unit 9: Analyze Story Problems


___relating known and unknown quantities

___multi-step story problems

___story problems with extra information

Unit 10: Measurement, Rounding, and Shapes


___measuring with nonstandard units(paperclips, etc.)

___measuring with a ruler using inches

___measuring shapes in inches