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 Skills: letters a-z and their sounds

rhyming, blending, segmenting, first and last sound in a word

 Introduce: each letter in sign language, the sound the letters make, songs, character cards, poetry, 

Assessments: Daily and at the end of the month I will assess where your child is on the skills taught.

Word Wall Words: I, see,and,like,to,a,what,with,how,now,is,so,the,come,me,we,my,

Bonus Words:

Word Family Words:at,an,op,op,it,in,ug,un,ed


Educational Links:



Math Concepts: Numbers 1-10, counting to 25,patterns,

Review: patterns, numbers1-10, counting to 25

 Practice: daily lessons, daily calendar, problems of  the day and poetry

Assessment: I will assess your child on a regular basis



Social Studies, Science, Health

Concepts: School, all about me

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