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Our reading series  is called Journeys. There will be 6 units throughout the year. Each unit lasts about  5 weeks.  The first 7 days of school will be a back to school review of kindergarten skills.

Unit 1

Lesson 1

Phonics-short a, consonants n, d, p, and f

Target Skill-main idea and summarize


Lesson 2

Phonics-short i, r, h, z, s, b, g

Target Skill-understanding characters and infer and predict


Vocabulary strategy-context clues

Lesson 3

Phonics-short o, l, x

Target Skill-sequencing

Grammar-action verbs, present tense

Vocabulary strategy-multiple meaning words

Lesson 4

Phonics-short e, y, w, k, v, j

Target Skill-understanding graphic features-ex. labes, charts, etc.


Vocabulary strategy-abc order

Lesson 5

Phonics-short u, qu, z

Target Skill-story structure


Vocabulary Strategy-synonyms

Lesson 6

Phonics-double final consonants (full) and ck endings (duck)

Target Skills-understanding characters and summarize

Grammar-complete sentences

Lesson 7

Phonics-clusters with r (bring, crack, trim)

Target Skills-main idea and detail

Grammar-using commas

Vocabulary strategy- using a glossariy

Lesson 8

Phonics-clusters with l(flip, black, clock)

Target Skills-analyze and evaluate

Grammar-statements (telling sentence)

Vocabulary strategies-defining words

Lesson 9

Phonics-blends with s (stop, slick, snack)

Target Skills-questioning and biography

Grammar-singular and plural nouns (cat, cats)

Vocabulary strategy-antonyms-opposites (hot and cold)

Lesson 10

Phonics-final blends (fast)

Target Skills-story structure, visualize, dialogue

Lesson 11

Phonics-diagraph th (that, this, with) and base words and endings for s, es, ed, ing (cats, boxes, fixed, fixing)

Target Skills-author's purpose (to entertain, to teach)

Grammar-proper nouns (Sue, McDonalds)

Vocabulary strategy-classify and categorize

Lesson 12

Phonics-diagrphs ch, tch (such, match)

Target Skills-story lesson

Grammar-commands (Go!)

Vocabulary strategy-Homophones (bear, bare, deer, dear)

Lesson 13

Phonics-diagraphs sh, wh, ph (ship, which, Phil) and contractions with 's, n't (she's, can't)

Target Skill-cause and effect (why something happened, what happened)

Lesson 14

Phonics-long a (cake, made) and soft c(city), soft g(giant) dge (ledge)

Target Skill-conclusions

Grammar-present and past tense (run, running, ran) (cook, cooking, cooked)

Lesson 15

Phonics-long i (bike, ride) and digraphs kn (know) wr (wrap) gn (gnat) mb (lamb)

Target Skills-monitor and clarify

Vocabulary strategy-suffixes-word endings-er, est (faster, fastest)

Lesson 16

Phonics-long o and long u (cone, tube)

Vocabulary strategy-suffixes(word endings) -y (dusty)-ful (hopeful)

Lesson 17

Phonics-long e (me) vowel pairs ee(feet) ea (meat) final ng (ring) final nk (pink)

Target Skill-compare and contrast (alike and different)

Lesson 18 

Phonics-vowel pairs ai (rain) ay (day) contractions "ll (I'll) 'd (he'd)

Target Skills-summarize (retell important parts of story)

Grammar-names of months, days, holidays, commas in dates

Lesson 19

Phonics-vowel pairs oa(boat) ow (cow) contractions 've (we've) 're (we're)

Lesson 20

Phonics-compound words (bookshelf)

Lesson 21

Phonics-r controlled vowels (bossy r) ar (car) or (fork) ore (more)

Grammar-pronouns (he, she, it)

Vocabulary strategy-prefix re- (redo, reheat)

Lesson 22

Phonics-r controlled vowels (bossy r) er (herd) ir (bird) ur (fur)

Vocabulary strategy-using a dictionary, syllables

Lesson 23

Phonics-/oo/ (book, hood)

Target Skill-figuartive language (raining cats and dogs)

Grammar-possesive pronouns (your, hers)

Lesson 24

Phonics-vowel digraph /oo/ (zoo) ou (soup)  ew (flew)

Lesson 25

Phonics-vowel combinations ou (out) ow (how) oi (coin) oy (boy) au (caught) aw (law)

Target Skill-narrator

Lesson 26

Phonics-long e spelled with y (baby) often called crazy y

Grammar-exclamations (My house is on fire!)

Lesson 27

Phonics-er, est ending (quicker, quickest) change y to i (funny to funniest)

Lesson 28 

Phonics-long i spelled igh (light) y (my) ie (pie)

Vocabulary strategy-homographs

Lesson 29

Phonics-suffixes-ful (joyful) -ly (slowly) -y

Grammar-adverbs -describe the verb (quickly)

Lesson 30

Phonics-syllables and prefixes un-(untie) re-(reread)