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Mighty Milers




Running gives children confidence in what they can do and shows them who they can be.  The Youth and Community Services arm of NYRR brings free running programs and wellness events to schools and neighborhoods, fostering physical fitness, character development, and personal achievement in children on up to seniors.  Our youth programs already serve more than 130,000 children in hundreds of underserved schools and community centers across the country and beyond, and that number continues to grow as more friends and supporters embrace our mission.

Mighty Milers is a running program for kids of all fitness levels from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.  It is designed to get kids moving and prevent obesity and illness.  Participation in Mighty Milers helps kids build their self-esteem, and learn to make and reach personal goals.

Over the course of a program cycle, children in Mighty Milers strive to complete one to four "marathons of miles" (26.2 to 104.8).  They run or walk briskly upward of a half-mile in supervised sessions two to five times a week.

In March, Mighty Milers celebrates "Read Across America"by converting mileage into books for our school!  It's pretty simple:  the more miles our students run in March, the more new books they can earn for our school!  If we run the minimum amount per week (according to our program standards), we will receive 50 new books from scholastic.  If we run more, we earn even more books!  Mighty Milers love "Miles for Books" because it provides them with a way they can give back to their schools. I love it because it connects fitness and academics!