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Gradel Level Goals



Kindergarten Yearly Goals


General and Fine Motor:

Knows and prints first and last name using capital and lowercase letters

Knows phone number, address and birthday

Demonstrates cutting skills

Form letters correctly

Know days of the week

Recognize shapes and colors

Reading Concepts:

Name capital and lowercase letters

Print capital and/or lowercase letters

Use letter sounds

Sequence a three part story

Retell a familiar story with a beginning, middle and end.

Identify rhyming words

Read word wall words (high frequency words)

Use letter sounds to build and identify words

Understand the basic concepts of print: a letter, a word, a sentence, and that we read from left to right

Number Concepts:

Count to 100 by ones

Count to 100 by fives

Count to 100 by tens

Recognize and print numbers 1-31

Counting objects by ones - set of 20

Sort, create, and extend a pattern

Identify more or less than

Identify coin names and values

Recognize time by the hour

Solve simple addition and subtraction problems