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Mrs. Harvey's Kindergarten Themes and Units
Reading Theme:  Theme 1– Look at Us!
                         Introduce all letters of the alphabet.  Focus on these specific letters and the special Alphafriend... Pp, Gg, Ff
Introduce words that start with short a and words that end with an.
man, pan, can, ran, fan, Dan, tan, van, etc.
WORD WALL WORDS: Introduction to recognizing these words - go, and
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Math Concept:   Introduction to counting objects 1-10, identifying numbers 1-10, and printing numbers 1-10.  Printing numbers on a grid is introduced.
Review colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black, brown
Discuss things that are alike and different
Educational Links:
Social Studies, Science, Health
Topics:  We will discuss the classroom and school rules and routines.  The children will get to know one another by name by meeting new friends in our class. We will learn about "Above the line" and "Below the line" behaviors and will learn about our "Let's Get Along" theme.
Bus Safety
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