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Grade Level Goals



General and Fine Motor Skills:

  • Know and write first and last name
  •  Hold a pencil and scissors correctly
  • Form letters correctly
  • Recognize shapes and colors

Reading Concepts:

  • Name capital and lowercase letters
  • Know and use letter sounds
  • Write capital and/or lowercase letters
  •  Identify rhyming words and create a rhyme
  •  Read word wall words (high frequency words)
  •  Use sounds to build and identify words
  • Identify beginning and endings sounds
  • writes three letter words with consenant, vowel, consenent
  • Identify four concepts of print: a letter, a word, a sentence, the left to right reading sweep

Number Concepts:

  • Count to 100 by ones
  • Count to 100 by tens
  • Count to 100 by fives
  • Write and recognize numbers 1-31
  • Count a set of given objects by ones
  • Count backwards from 20
  • Sort, create, and extend a pattern with given objects
  • Identify more than or less than
  •  Recognize time by the hour
  • Solve simple addition and subtraction problems using objects
  • Measurement