Operations & Maintenance

Saint Peter Public Schools has four main school buildings: South Elementary, North Elementary, Saint Peter Middle School/Early Learning Center and Saint Peter High School. The school district also works in partnership with the City of Saint Peter on Community Spirit Park, a 70+ acre recreational park located behind the high school.

Community members and groups are encouraged to use school facilities for youth and adult get togethers. Click HERE for the school district’s rental policy and for details on reserving school spaces.

For specific building and grounds questions, please contact Marc Bachman at mbachman@stpeterschools.org or (507) 934-5703

Marc BachmanDistrict Coordinator934-42101032mbachman@stpeterschools.org
Bill BlashackDistrict Engineer bblashack@stpeterschools.org
Linda GibbsHousekeeper lgibbs@stpeterschools.org
Dave PetersGrounds dpeters@stpeterschools.org
Beckie StromSupport Staff bstrom@stpeterschools.org
Rocco PaulettiHead Building Engineer934-2754 rpauletti@stpeterschools.org
Derek BacaCustodian dbaca@stpeterschools.org
Mike KellerHead Building Engineer934-32604020mkeller@stpeterschools.org
Jeff DietrichHead Building Engineer934-42105045jedietrich@stpeterschools.org
Derek BacaCustodian dbaca@stpeterschools.org
Pat BaumanCustodian pbauman@stpeterschools.org
Jerry DoyleCustodian jdoyle@stpeterschools.org
Steve HarmanCustodian sharman@stpeterschools.org
Steve PettersenCustodian spettersen@stpeterschools.og
Bob PloogHead Building Engineer934-42126118rploog@stpeterschools.org
Liz CatchingsCustodian lcatchings@stpeterschools.org
Nick JohnsonCustodian njohnson@stpeterschools.org
Brandon PadgettCustodian bpadgett@stpeterschools.org
Jim SandvikCustodian jsandvik@stpeterschools.org