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Technology Information

Technology Communications

What if my student has a damaged school device?

Students and families can arrange for school device repairs by completing the request form below. Once a request has been submitted, a technician from the school will contact you to arrange for repairs.

Repair Request Form

What if my student needs a device?

In order to provide families with device during a distance learning closure, Saint Peter Public Schools is offering a device loan program for families to request a device for their students to use at home. If you would like to request a device, please complete the following form or call: 507-934-4210 ext. 5072

Request a Device for My Student

What if I already have a device?

Personal devices that should meet the needs of distance learning activities include laptops, iPads, and chromebooks. We are providing students with a comparable device they are used to using in school. These are iPads for students in grades PreK-4 and chromebooks for students in grades 5-8. For those students and families more comfortable with technology laptops, iPads, and chromebooks will work at all levels but may require more help getting initially logged in.

Where can I get tech help?

There is an FAQ section below that addresses some of the most common questions we have received. If you don't find an answer there, please reach out to your student's homeroom or advisory teacher first to see if they can help resolve the issue. If they are not able to reach a resolution, they will involve the technology to resolve the issue.

Low Cost Internet

The school district is looking to provide options for students that do not currently have internet service at home. We will be extending our WiFi network at the South Elementary Parking Lot and in the Early Child Center Parking lot for students or families to use from their vehicles or while sitting outside. We hope to be able to offer other solutions in the near future and will communicate those with families when they are available.

In addition the following companies are offering special deals on internet service to low income families during the COVID-19 pandemic (this is for information only, the district does not endorse any of these services):

Comcast Internet Essentials
Verizon Wireless
Consolidated Communications is offering 2 months free internet for new accounts - call 844-968-7224

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my device to WiFi?

Connecting a Chromebook to WiFi

Connecting an iPad to WiFi

What if I'm having problems logging in?

Please contact your student's homeroom or advisory teacher. They are able to access most student credentials and resolve most login issues. If they are unable to resolve the login issues, they will escalate the problem to the technology department, who will reach out and help resolve the issue.

What if my device isn't charging or is not turning on?

Please complete a Technology Repair Request and we will contact you to help resolve the problem.

Technology Loan Program Documents