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For the second time this season, the Saint Peter High School speech team won the team title at a tournament as the Saints bested the field at the Medford Tiger Tournament on Saturday. The Saints ended up with 123 team points and were led by four individual first-place finishers and four second-place individuals.

Josh Ellerbeck (Humorous Interpretation), Laure Mayer (Prose), Sky Gassman (Poetry), and Isaac Peterson and Sophia Lee (Duo) were the first-place finishers for the Saints, while Aubry Landsom (Poetry), Breeley Ruble and Megan Beran (Duo), Nils Berglund (Extemporaneous Speaking), and Vanessa Krueger (Original Oratory), placed second in their respective categories.

Medford Speech Meet results

Team standings (top 5 of 14): 1. ST. PETER 123; 2. Owatonna 60; 3. Mankato Loyola 49; 4. Waterville-Elysian-Morristown 30; 5. (tie) Maple River & Medford 26 each.

Saints individual results:
Creative Express: 3. Mikinley Prafke; 4. Torin Harbo; 5. Bry Harroun
Discussion: 3. Hannah Wohlers
Duo: 1. Isaac Peterson & Sophia Lee; 2. Breeley Ruble & Megan Beran
Extemporaneous Reading: 5. Paige Meyer.
Extemporaneous Speaking: 2. Nils Berglund; 4. Konrad Wernsing
Humorous: 1. Josh Ellerbeck; 3. Obet Alcantara; 4. Maddie Doose
Original Oratory: 2. Vanessa Krueger; 4. Eva Kracht
Poetry: 1. Sky Gassman; 2. Aubry Landsom
Prose: 1. Lauren Mayer; 3. Anders Taylor; 4. Shelby Beaudoin
Storytelling: 3. Mckenzie McCann

More details on MN River Bulldogs' state hockey trip
Kurt Hildebrandt

Here is the latest info for the MN River Bulldog's historic first trip to the MN State Class A Hockey Tournament where they will play East Grand Forks at 1 p.m. on Wednesday at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

PRE-SALE TICKETS -- The SPHS Activities Office will have pre-sale tickets for the quarterfinal games available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Monday, March 4th, and Tuesday, March 5. Ticket prices are $19 for adults and $12 for students. ALL CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO ST. PETER HIGH SCHOOL. Tickets for any subsequent games (championship or consolation bracket) will be on sale at the game site (Xcel Center or Mariucci Arena).

STUDENT FAN BUSES -- Logistics are still being worked through. At the moment, it will be grades 7-12 departing approximately 11 a.m. on Wednesday. Kids would need to have a presale ticket or purchase one at the ticket office upon arrival at the Xcel Energy Center. Call the SPHS Activities Office (934-4212, ext. 6025) for more details.

SENDOFF PEPFEST -- There will be a state sendoff pepfest on Tuesday, March 5, at Saint Peter High School at 9 a.m. The team will then do a walk thru at North and South elementary schools and potentially Saint Peter Middle School. Logistics are being worked through with that.

STATE TOURNAMENT APPAREL -- MN River Bulldog state hockey apparel can be purchased. Here is the link to the Graphic Edge Team store.

4 The Team also has shirts available to purchase online and picked up in their store. Go to for more details.


MSHSL Minimal Behavior Expectations for Regular and Post-Season Tournament Competitions:
● Respect the American flag and the National Anthem.
● Spectators must wear clothing that covers the entire torso. Those who do not comply or who wear
clothing that is vulgar, obscene or that in some other way inappropriate, as determined by
school/tournament personnel, will be removed from the arena/stadium if they do not cooperate
with this behavior expectation
● The use of appropriate language is expected at all times. Profanity, negative chants, booing,
trash talk, name calling, personal attacks or other acts of disrespect are unacceptable and must
be immediately addressed by school tournament administrators.
● Respect the game/contest. Under no condition shall anyone other than the members of the
official squad enter the playing surface. No one may interfere with the contest in any way.
● Hand held signs, which do not obstruct the view of others, will be permitted provided they are in
good taste. Signs, message boards, “white” boards or other similar items contest/tournament
officials deem to be in poor taste will be removed.
● Artificial noisemakers (i.e. megaphones, cowbells, sirens, whistles, thunder sticks, and other
similar items) are not allowed.
● Laser lights are strictly prohibited.

That's it for now. More will be listed as it becomes available! Again, if you have any questions, please don't reply here. Please contact the SPHS Activities Office at 934-4212, ext. 6025.

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Congrats to the SPHS Academic Decathlon team which placed third at the Minnesota State Academic Decathlon Tournament over the weekend at the Oak Ridge Conference Center in Chaska.

According to SPHS coach Mary Behrends, the Saints' stars in the event were junior Bennett Combs, who was the overall top scorer in Minnesota with a personal total of 7458.6 points. In second place was senior Nils Berglund with 7007.1 points. Combs earned seven additional medals and Berglund earned six. Other notable achievements were gold medals in speech earned by senior Claire Dimock and junior Charles Redmond. The St. Peter students were also the winners of the Super Quiz, a separate event within the competition.

SPHS Academic Decathlon team members included: front  row (l to r), David Zhang, Fatima Mohamed, Bennett Combs, Sarah Busse, Ella Henry, Gloria Toupence and Coach Mary Behrends; second row, Nils Berglund, Kayley Ronnkvist, Matthew Springer, Gabrielle VanGrootheest, Claire Dimock, Noah Gassman and Charles Redmond. Not pictured are Aurora Severson (she was snowed in and unable to join the team) and Coach Peggy Dimock (took the picture).

"This completes the team’s competition this year, but many team members look forward to volunteering for the National Academic Decathlon to be held in Minneapolis in April," Behrends said. "They also look forward to next year’s competition which will culminate in the national finals to be held in Anchorage, Alaska."

For more information on the Minnesota Academic Decathlon program go to

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Congrats to the Saint Peter High School speech team for capturing top team honors at the Mankato West Scarlet Invitational on February 16.

   The SPHS speech team showing off its new 
   hardware it won at the Mankato West meet.

The Saints amassed 122 team points to take home the championship trophy, nine points ahead of runner-up Fairmont.

Two Saints took home individual titles at Mankato West. Aubry Landsom placed first in Poetry while Mckenzie McCann earned top honors in Storytelling. Eva Kracht placed second in Original Oratory.

The following are the SPHS placewinners at the Mankato West meet:

Team standings (top 5 of 15) - 1. ST. PETER 122; 2. Fairmont 113; 3. Mankato West 65; 4. Worthington 61; 5. Mankato East 52.

Creative: 3. Mikinley Prafke; 5. Bry Harroun; 6. Penelope Panciera.

Discussion: 5. Hannah Wohlers

Duo: 3. Sophia Lee & Isaac Peterson; 5. Megan Beran & Breeley Ruble; 6. David Marlow & Julia Marlow. Novice - 3. Molly Leonard & Emma Smith.

Drama: Novice - 3. Anna Boomgaarden

Extemporaneous Speaking: 3. Nils Berglund; 5. Konrad Wernsing

Humor: 5. Josh Ellerbeck; 6. Obet Alcantara. Novice - 5. Eleanor Kennedy

Informative: 4. Charles Redmond

Original Oratory: 2. Eva Kracht; 3. Vanessa Krueger

Poetry: 1. Aubry Landsom; 4. Sky Gassman

Prose: 3. Lauren Mayer; 5. Anders Taylor.

Storytelling: 1. Mckenzie McCann; 6. Madeline Winsell.


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SPHS speakers second at Loyola's Crusader Classic

Saint Peter High School's speech team took home team runner-up honors at the Mankato Loyola Crusader Classic on February 9.

Fairmont won the team title with 124 points, while St. Peter was close behind with 114 team points. No other team out of the 16 competing scored more than 49 points.

Josh Ellerbeck (Humor) and Mckenzie McCann (Storytelling) took home individual titles for the Saints while Megan Beran and Breeley Ruble (Duo), Sky Gassman (Poetry), and Vanessa Krueger (Original Oratory) placed second.

The Saints speech team returns to action on Saturday, Feb. 16, at Mankato West.

Crusader Class results
Team standings
(top 5 of 16) - 1. Fairmont 124; 2. ST. PETER 114; 3. Mankato East 49; 4. Mankato West 42; 5. Mankato Loyola 41.
Saints individual results
Creative: 4. Mikinley Prafke
Discussion: 6. Hannah Wohlers
Duo: 2. Megan Beran and Breeley Ruble; 4. Sophia Lee and Isaac Peterson. Molly Leonard and Emma Smith placed third in novice
Extemporaneous Reading: 7. Madelyn Tollefson
Extemporaneous Speaking: 3. Nils Berglund; 5. Konrad Wernsing.
Humor: 1. Josh Ellerbeck; 5. Obet Alcantara.
Informative: 6. Autumn Pauly
Original Oratory: 2. Vanessa Krueger; 4. Eva Kracht
Poetry: 2. Sky Gassman; 3. Aubry Landsom
Prose: 3. Shelby Beaudoin; 7. Lauren Mayer.
Storytelling: 1. Mckenzie McCann; 5. Liliana Hughes.

Saints jr. high squad third at New Prague

The Saints' junior high team (gr. 7-9) turned in an impressive performance at New Prague on February 14 with Bry Harroun (Creative) and Sky Gassman (Poetry) winning individual titles. 

"Our junior high team was small but mighty," Saints speech coach Erika Gustafson said. "We had only nine entries and achieved third place as a team!"

New Prague meet results
Creative: 1. Bry Harroun
Drama: 5. Anna Boomgaarden 
Duo: 2. Emma Smith and Molly Leonard
Discussion : 2. Hannah Wohlers
Humor: 3. Eleanor Kennedy
Original Oratory: 4. Eva Kracht
Poetry: 1. Sky Gassman 
Storytelling: 2. Madi Winsell; 3. Alex Matarrese