Program Description

District 508 employs three full-time special education teachers who serve as case managers in special education and teachers of general education subjects. Four teaching assistants are employed to help teachers provide the individualized instruction and behavior management that some students need. Students at the Hoffmann Learning Center are able to fulfill requirements and meet standards established by the Minnesota State Department of Education and the Saint Peter Public Schools Board of Education.

A speech/language clinician and a developmental adaptive physical education teacher provide support services. The Hoffmann Learning Center also provides the services of a licensed school psychologist for assistance with comprehensive assessments for eligibility. The services of a licensed social worker are available through Saint Peter High School. A full-time Education Coordinator is employed to assist with planning and implementing the students’ individual education goals, coordinating and supporting students who attend Saint Peter High School, and planning for students’ transitions back to home schools and communities.

Students who attend the Hoffmann Learning Center are assigned a case manager who is responsible for all due process procedures related to education assessment and individual education planning. The case manager is part of the student’s multidisciplinary team, which includes the student, the student’s family, the Leo A. Hoffmann Center therapist, county workers, and other appropriate personnel. The multidisciplinary team makes all decisions regarding the student’s education services and residential services, including the IEP and the treatment plan.

As part of the Saint Peter Public Schools, the Hoffmann Learning Center has 175 student contact days and 10 staff days. Most students attend a full day of school, but the integrated program plan allows for reduced day or homebound services for students whose needs are more therapeutic than educational.