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  The 2021 Saint Peter High School Snow Week Queen &
  King candidates includes: front row (l to r - King) Konrad
  Wernsing, Nathan Fogal, Wesley Yang, Shale Young, Zach
  Taylor; back row, (Queen) Abby Haggenmiller, Emma
  Jones, Morgan Kelly, Emily Salfer, and Liz Mitchell.

Saint Peter High School will host its annual Snow Week celebration the week of February 8-11, with the SPHS Student Council having activities planned for each day that week, culminating with the coronation on Thursday, Feb. 11 at 2:40 p.m in the SPHS gym.

With SPHS students (gr. 9-12) still utilizing the hybrid learning model, the Student Council had to plan activities for both A day and B day students. Snow Week organizers also have a COVID preparedness plan in place to ensure proper social distancing and protocols will be followed during the fun-filled week. 

This year’s SPHS Snow Week Queen candidates includes (listed alphabetically by last name) Abby Haggenmiller, Emma Jones, Morgan Kelly, Liz Mitchell, and Emily Salfer, while the King candidates include Nathan Fogal, Zach Taylor, Konrad Wernsing, Wesley Yang, and Shale Young.

The following is a complete list of Snow Week activities/events: 

Dress Up Days

Monday, Feb. 8 & Tuesday, Feb. 9 - Olympics/Sports
Wednesday, Feb. 10 & Thursday, Feb. 11 - Red Carpet/Met Gala


  • Snow week sculptures/Frozen Clothes Art  
  • Medallion Hunt - On school grounds throughout the week. Clues given in PLP classrooms & over the intercom.
  • Monday, Feb 8 & Tuesday, Feb. 9 - Pep Fest Video & Kahoot
  • Wednesday, Feb 10 & Thursday, Feb. 11
         * Candidate Videos - Showing candidate videos during lunch and voting based on rubric 
         * Compliment hearts 
         * Voting for class snow sculpture/frozen art 
  • Thursday, Feb. 11 - Snow Week Coronation, 2:40 p.m. at SPHS gym. This event is not open to the general public. It will only be open to SPHS seniors and juniors along with candidates’ parents.
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Saint Peter High School seniors Vanessa Krueger and John Borgmeier were recently announced as the school’s 2021 Triple A (Academics, Arts, and Athletics) Award winners.

   Seniors John Borgmeier and Vanessa Krueger
   are this year's SPHS Triple A Award winners. 

“Vanessa and John are outstanding representatives of the Triple A Award for our school,” SPHS Activities Director Jordan Paula said. “They stand out in all areas of the student experience and do so with a positive attitude. They will undoubtedly make a difference in whatever they choose to pursue in life. We are fortunate to have these two in our building and involved in our community.”

Established in 1988, the Minnesota State High School League’s Triple A Award is sponsored by AAA-Minnesota and Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care. The award goes to high school seniors who have a “B” or better grade point average (GPA) and participate in League-sponsored athletic and fine arts activities. Triple "A" Award recipients are selected by a multi-level process involving the League's member schools and administrative regions.

St. Peter High School’s Triple A winners for the previous five years include:

2020 - Aubry Landsom & Jaden Neubauer
2019 - Signe Alger & Isaac Peterson
2018 - Jordan Keeley & Rafat Solaiman
2017 - Kelli Hanson & Eric Carlson
2016 - Ella Wiebusch & John Walker

The following are brief profiles of this year’s SPHS Triple A Award winners:

Vanessa Krueger 

Vanessa Krueger, the daughter of Angela and Robert Krueger, maintains a well-balanced schedule during her time at SPHS, all the while earning a 4.27 weighted grade point average (GPA). During her time she has engaged herself in several AP (Advanced Placement) and College in School courses.

“When I found out I had won the Triple A Award I was utterly ecstatic,” Krueger said. “I felt extremely honored that all of my hard work had paid off, and very grateful for the opportunity to represent my school. My group of peers here at Saint Peter are all amazing students and candidates. I knew the competition was tough. 

“I experienced an immense sense of pride when receiving this award. I felt remarkably proud that all of the hardwork and endless dedication to my education was being recognized. To me this award is a reminder that I am a leader and a role model for my Saint Peter community. It is further motivation for me to continue to work hard towards my academic goals and to always strive for success,” she added. 

Krueger is very active in the SPHS fine arts program having been a standout for the SPHS speech team over the past few years, including earning a fifth-place state medal her sophomore year. She also has participated in band throughout her high school years as well as being a two-year participant in the choir program (9th and 10th grade). 

Athletically, Krueger has been a member of the Saints’ varsity girls soccer team for four years, earning All Big South Conference honors this past season for the conference champion Saints. 

Her future plans include possibly attending the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and majoring in Public Health. She also plans on participating in academic clubs and club soccer during her time in college. 

John Borgmeier 

John, the son of Peggy and Jeff Borgmeier, is another one of those well-balanced students who has taken advantage of his academic opportunities at SPHS and has earned a weighted GPA of 4.15. He has challenged himself in the classroom through AP and College in School courses.

“I was so excited to learn I had been given this award,” Borgmeier said. “I felt so honored to be chosen, because there were many other great candidates. All throughout high school, I tried to be involved with as many activities as possible. 

“Saint Peter's staff has always encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and find new passions. Because of my teachers’ encouragement, I have had valuable experiences and formed countless relationships through extracurriculars. This award reminds me of all the hard work I have done in high school, and encourages me to hold onto the same ideals as I go onto college.”

Borgmeier has has been very active in the SPHS fine arts programs through the band and choir programs. He also has been a long-time member of the Saints’ Mock Trial program, including being a part of the 2020 team which placed fourth at the Minnesota State Mock Trial Tournament. In addition, has has been involved with the Saint Peter Area Robotics team.

Athletically, the Saints senior standout has been a member of both the SPHS boys soccer and track and field teams teams, earning multiple letters in both sports.

John's future plans include pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Physics, but is undecided at this time on where he will attend college.

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  SPHS juniors Shea Hildebrandt (left) and Josie
  Wiebusch are this year's ExCEL Award winners.

Saint Peter High School juniors Josie Wiebusch and Shea Hildebrandt were recently announced as the school’s 2020-21 ExCEL Award winners. 

“Josie and Shea are outstanding representatives of Saint Peter High School,” SPHS Principal Annette Engeldinger said. “They model the character, leadership, and school spirit that we love to have as examples for our younger learners. Both are excellent choices!”

Established in 1988, the Minnesota State High School League’s ExCEL Award is sponsored by AAA-Minnesota and Fairview Sports and Orthopedic Care. The award goes to high school juniors who have a “B” or better grade point average (GPA) and participate in League-sponsored athletic and fine arts activities. ExCEL recipients are selected by a multi-level process involving the League's member schools and administrative regions.

St. Peter High School’s ExCEL winners for the previous five years include:

2019-20 -- Vanessa Krueger & Zach Taylor
2018-19 -- Sarah Conlon & Ethan Niemeyer
2017-18 -- Signe Alger & Isaac Peterson
2016-17 -- Sienna Wiebusch & Rafat Solaiman
2015-16 -- Francesca Lofaro & Wyatt Gillette

The following are brief profiles of this year’s ExCEL Award winners:

Josie Wiebusch

The daughter of Cinde and Corey Wiebusch, Josie has had a stellar academic career earning ‘A’ Honor Roll status during her three years as a student at SPHS, where she is also a member of the National Honor Society. Josie’s sister, Sienna, won the award in 2016-17.

“I’m so thankful and honored to win the ExCEL award,” Wiebusch said. “I was very excited and happy when I was told I’d received it. It’s really nice to be recognized for working hard, doing good things, and being a leader. Sometimes you just do things, and not everything is always fun, or do you see why, but winning this award kind of says, ‘yes, you’re doing the right things.’ I want to also congratulate Shea on winning. He’s great! Thank you to my parents for everything they do for me and also my awesome teachers and coaches for all the support.”

Wiebusch is very active in the SPHS fine arts program as she is currently a member of the SPHS choir program and has participated in band in the past.

Athletically, Wiebusch has been a varsity letter winner in three sports. She has earned three letters in tennis, including All-Big South Conference honors this fall and honorable mention honors in 2019. She has won two letters in basketball, including being an honorable mention All Big-South selection her sophomore year, and she was on the team that went to state in 2019. Both the girls basketball and teams also earned State Academic Gold Awards as well. The standout junior also lettered in track her freshman year.

She has volunteered her time in school as a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, a group leader at the SPHS Kindness Retreat, and as a participant in the Region 2A Leadership Day. She also competes with the Minnesota Rise basketball program.

Away from SPHS, Wiebusch has volunteered her time with the Freedom Fun Run, Trinity Lutheran Church (Youth Group and service projects), Saint Peter Youth Basketball, Community Education, St. Peter Booster Club, Pulse Fitness Center, Laurie Kelly Basketball Camp, Salvation Army along with doing lawn mowing for senior citizens and working at a youth tennis camp.

Her future plans are to go to college and hopefully play basketball. “I’m not sure what I’m going to study, but I’m interested in science,” she added. 

Shea Hildebrandt

The son of Teresa and Kurt Hildebrandt, Shea has challenged himself academically and earned National Honor Society membership his sophomore year, as well as being named to the ‘A’ Honor Roll for three straight years. His brother, Noah, won the same award during the 2014-15 school year.

“I was sitting down to start listening in on my football virtual banquet when my dad got a call that I won and came into the kitchen to tell me,” Hildebrandt said. “I was super happy and excited. I was doubting whether I would win or not because it had been a week or so since I turned in my application, and I know there are a lot of great students in my class. Thus when I heard the news, I was so surprised. It’s fun to be able to share this honor with Josie, who I consider a good friend.”

Hildebrandt is very active in athletics here at SPHS, including being a two-year letter winner in football as well as earning letters in basketball and in cross country. He also is a member of the Saints baseball program. He was the Saints’ varsity boys basketball team’s Most Improved Player last season and was part of the team that was named Section 2AAA Team Academic Champion for the 2019-20 season.

The SPHS junior helps balance his time in the fine arts area, having participated in choir since his sophomore year, including being in the Men’s Choir and Chamber Singers this school year.

His school volunteer activities include being a three-year member of the SPHS Students Council, a National Honor Society class representative, the SPHS Mental Warriors Club, and Project For Teens. He also was a participant in the Region 2A Leadership Day as one of the representatives from SPHS.

Outside of school, Hildebrandt has volunteered his time with the Saint Peter Youth Basketball Camp, Saint Peter Youth Football Camp, the Soup Kitchen (at Trinity Lutheran Church), the Back To School Supply Drive, and the St. Peter Halloween Fun Run.

His future plans are to attend a four-year college and major in political science and/or psychology. 

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This year’s fall play to be available to view via online streaming only

  The cast & crew of the SPHS Fall Play have been 
  busy since the start of the school year getting
  ready to put on 'War of the Worlds: The Panic
  Broadcast", which will be available to watch online
  November 19-21. 

Saint Peter High School’s theater department will present “War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast” by Joe Landry to the public via online presentation at 7 p.m. on November 19-21. There will be a cost to view the fall play online and tickets can be purchased at the following link:

Jennifer Maldonado and Robbie Deering are co-directors for the fall play, which includes a cast of 16 SPHS students, with each actor playing multiple roles. There are also five students serving on the crew. Taping for the show was completed at the end of last week, according to Deering. The video is currently being edited and will be ready to go for those three online performances.

The War of the Worlds: The Panic Broadcast is a show about the famous 1938 radio broadcast which caused mass panic when it was released. Despite being about an alien invasion, the production elements of the show and the authenticity of the actors led listeners to believe there was a cause for alarm. 

“As we read the script, we see many similarities to the current climate of media coverage and how people react to the news,” Deering said. “The radio play style of the show, while being the original format of the production, also lent itself to theater safety during a pandemic. The actors and directors have been challenged in new ways, but we are all excited to share this historic and relevant piece of theater with our community.”

The following is the list of cast members:

Madison Abels
Gavin Fuller
Sky Gassman
Ian Gerstbauer
Bryan Harroun
Lucas Hickey
Eleanor Kennedy
Eva Kracht
Adrik Rojas-Malledo
David Marlow
Autumn Pauly
Breeley Ruble
Hailey Schmidt
Rowan Snay
Madelyn Tollefson
Eleanor Winterfeldt

Crew members include: 

Hannah Wohlers (stage manager)
Jack Leonard
Haydon Grams
Wesley Toupence (sound)
Colton Abels (sound)

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Saint Peter High School student-athletes and coaches are nearing the end of the first round of fall sports with the second round of fall sports (volleyball and football) now starting up and winter sports seasons are just around the corner. The following are some things to keep in mind when attending Saints activities:

  • A Big South Conference-issued or South Central Football District-issued pass is required to attend a St. Peter Saints regular season competition.  

    • There are no ticket sales at the gate for regular season competition.  

    • Passes are limited.

  • There will be tracking of attendees for potential contact tracing purposes.

  • Self-Screening is required before entering the facility - To ensure we can keep our school open and activities taking place - Stay home if you have any symptoms!

  • Masks are required to be worn at events (even outdoors).  

    • If the event is outdoors, please keep your mask on until you are in your seat. Once you are in your seat and distanced from others not in your household you can remove your mask.

    • Masks are required while using the restrooms in the building at the entrance of Floyd B. Johnson Stadium and at all other times when you may be in close proximity to others.  

    • If the event is indoors, masks are required at ALL times.

  • Please maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from others that are not in your household while at the facilities. This applies for both indoor and outdoor venues.

  • Please exit the facility immediately at the conclusion of the game/event - do not linger or gather in groups.

Please note these are all guidelines put in place by a combination of the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Department of Education, and the Minnesota State High School League.

If you have any questions or need further information please contact the SPHS Activities Office at 507-934-4212, ext. 6025. 

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep our schools and community healthy, and Go Saints!