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Leonard, Soderlund, Stuewe & Lokensgard win seats on board

Two incumbents and two newcomers unofficially have earned seats on the Saint Peter School Board after Tuesday’s general election results were released late Tuesday evening. Ten candidates were on this year’s ballot for the four open seats with incumbents Ben Leonard and Tim Lokensgard and newcomers Bill Soderlund and Tracy Stuewe being chosen by District 508 voters to fill those seats, which are four-year terms.

Leonard had the highest vote total with 1,015 votes while Soderlund was close behind with 991. Stuewe was the third-highest with 868 votes while Lokensgard earned reelection with 847 votes. 

Other candidates who ran included Bill Kautt (769 votes), Julie Carlblom (719), Mohamed Abdulkadir (650), Molly Wendroth (539), Andy Vanderlinden (363), and Bernadette Volk (321).

The results of this year’s general election will not be official until they are canvassed by the Saint Peter School Board, which will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 12, at the Saint Peter Middle School media center.

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With this year’s General Election less than a week away, on Tuesday, Nov. 5, below is a run down of where Saint Peter School District residents will vote that day. Ten candidates will be running for four open seats on the Saint Peter School Board as part of this year’s General Election. Those four seats are four-year terms.

Voters in St. Peter will cast their ballots in the following locations:

  • Ward I -- Johnson Hall, Nicollet County Fairgrounds, 400 West Union Street.
  • Ward II -- St. Peter Community Center, 600 South Fifth Street.

Voters in District 508 living outside the St. Peter city limits will cast their ballots as follows:

  • Nicollet County residents -- MVED Building*, 801 Davis Street, St. Peter. (Also known as the Old District Office. Please enter on rear/north side of building.) 
  • Le Sueur County residents -- Kasota City Hall, 200 North Webster, Street, Kasota. 

Polls will be open on November 5 beginning at 7 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m.

Absentee ballots are available from the Nicollet County Property and Public Services Office at 501 South Minnesota Avenue through Monday, Nov. 4, during regular business hours.  The Property and Public Services Office will also be open Saturday, November 2, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for absentee voting.

Persons with questions regarding this information are encouraged to call the St. Peter City Administrator’s office at 934-0663.


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Saint Peter Public Schools are looking for district parents and community members to become a part of its World’s Best Workforce (WBWF)/Staff Development District Advisory Committee.

The WBWF/Staff Development District Advisory Committee plays a key role in guiding and providing input on the World’s Best Workforce Plan and the Staff Development Plan. The committee meets on a bi-annual basis to: 

  1. review plans for each WBWF goal area.
  2. provide input on strategies for meeting each goal area.
  3. to review progress in meeting the goals tied to each component.
  4. to receive input from site teams relative to the plan.
  5. to provide input on the district’s Staff Development Plan. 

Those interested in being a part of this Advisory Committee should contact Saint Peter High School Principal Annette Engeldinger at 507-934-4212 or aengeldinger@stpeterschools.org by October 30.

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Two grants were awarded recently by the Saint Peter Education Foundation in the amount of $7,385. Those two grants were awarded to the following projects:

  • The Nintendo, Design and Cardboard-Nintendo Labo (North Elementary) - $3,660.00
  • The Nintendo, Design and Cardboard-Nintendo RIGAMAJIG (South Elementary) - $3,725.00

“We are extremely grateful for the Saint Peter Education Foundation and the grant funds they provide,” Saint Peter Superintendent Dr. Jeff Olson said. “The funds we receive through these grants help support innovative educational opportunities for our students. We look forward to putting in place the programs that were funded and in evaluating their success on behalf of the students of District 508.”

The following is more information on where the grant money is being used:

North Elementary Grant: Nintendo, Design and Cardboard

Students will use the Nintendo Labo software to build a cardboard fishing rod, RC car, or motorbike.  After completing the build, students use the Nintendo switch screen and controllers to bring their cardboard creation to life.  Students follow Labo software instructions to program their cardboard for fishing or racing adventures. Once students feel comfortable with the initial program, they will be able to experiment and explore the many ways they can alter their cardboard build.

“The Nintendo Labo program gives students an opportunity to read nonfiction, technical writing, follow directions, program, code, build, and work through the design thinking process,” Angie Potts, STEM teacher for North and South, said. “It is an awesome opportunity that I had a chance to pilot this past year with the support of Nintendo and the Institute of Play in New York.  After piloting this program with two of the six third grade classrooms, I’d love to provide the opportunity, each year, to all third graders.  

South Elementary Grant: Rig-A-Ma-Jig

The RIGAMAJIG provides students with a safe way to design and build like an engineer, according to Potts.  They are able to use tools and materials that are age appropriate. They are able to create objects that move, explore simple machines, and build large scale models.

“Students in both kindergarten and first grade will have the opportunity to participate in introductory lessons with the RIGAMAJIG,” Potts said. Students will go through lessons to learn expectations of the materials as well as practice how to build with the materials.  We will have several mini challenges for students to work together to build with RIGAMAJIG.”

After the introductory lessons, students in both grades will continue to use the RIGAMAJIG as extensions to their projects.  Kindergarteners and first graders will use RIGAMAJIG to build a variety of structures, as well as things such as letters of the alphabet, or a bridge that will be able to support a variety of bigger weights.

About the Saint Peter Education Foundation 

The Saint Peter Education Foundation provides funding to support innovative, creative and experimental teaching and student learning experiences in Saint Peter Public Schools.

Individuals, groups, and organizations wishing to contribute to the Saint Peter Educational Foundation should go to www.stpeterschools.org/about/education-foundation or contact Dr. Olson at jolson@stpeterschools.org.

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Eight newcomers and two incumbents among those who filed as board candidates

A total of 10 candidates have filed for the four seats on the Saint Peter School Board that will be up for election on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

The four seats up for election, which are each four-year terms, are currently held by Ben Leonard, Tim Lokensgard, Mark Karlsrud, and Bob Meeks. Leonard and Lokensgard have field for reelection while Karlsrud and Meeks opted not to run again. 

Other candidates who filed include (listed alphabetically by last name), Mohamed Abdulkadir, Julie Carlblom, Bill Kautt, Bill Soderlund, Tracy Stuewe, Andrew Vander Linden, Bernadette Volk, and Molly Wendroth.