K-4 News and Notes

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Kurt Hildebrandt

This summer North’s PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports) team met together to come up with ways the team could teach Social/Emotional Learning (SEL) to all students during this school year. The PBIS team includes Bre Steele, Kari Malz, Nikki Zitur, Ryan Hassing, and Matt Lewis) 

  Mrs. Wenner and Ms. Zitur were the ‘anchors’ for
  this segment of the second-ever edition of
  SaintsCenter, which was taped recently by North
  PBIS members Mrs. Malz, Ms. Steele, Mr. Hassing,
  and Mr. Lewis. 

“We established some principles that we want to stay true to when providing SEL to our students,” Lewis said. “During this time, we also came up with the idea of SaintsCenter and have continued to come up with topics (scenes) that we want to have the students teach each other about.”

SaintsCenter is a weekly web series loosely based on ESPN’s famed SportsCenter, the sports news television program that regularly runs on that network. To see the first episode of SaintsCenter, please click HERE.

Some of the things the SaintsCenter crew have covered include the following:

  • How to wash your hands
  • Why students and staff are wearing masks and how to wear them properly
  • What a learner looks like in the classroom
  • What qualities or attributes make a Saint.  

As a PBIS team, the group’s goal is for the students to hold each other accountable, and we want the students to identify skills they deem necessary to be successful. 

“We are currently asking students for their opinion on what it means to be a Saint, and their answers are profound,” Lewis said. “Basically, we are trying to create a positive environment where everyone wants to help each other and see each other grow and feel successful. 

“We are nowhere near where we want to be, but we feel we are already making some great strides!”

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Kurt Hildebrandt

  South Elementary School Counselor Laura Zender 
  working with students on mindfulness techniques. 

Nervous, curious, courageous - returning and beginning in-person learning for our K and 1st graders at South Elementary has brought with it a variety of emotions.  One way that South is supporting students through this transition is through classroom lessons with Laura Zender, Elementary School Counselor.  

As part of this transition, first grade classes at South are reading Worry Says What? and learning mindfulness techniques.  In this picture, they practice Take 5, a simple trick to help you take 5 deep breaths.


1. Stretch your fingers out.
2. Use your pointer finger of your other hand to trace your hand. 
3. Breathe in while you trace up each finger. 
4. Breathe out while you trace down each finger.