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  SPMS Math Masters team members participating in
  the competition at Bethany Lutheran College on
  March 13 included: front row (l to r), Lily Filand,
  Keira Friedrich, Quinn Rassbach, Sada Harmes;
  middle row: Evan Embacher, Allan Nienow, Ethan
  Borowy, Alex Dlouhy, Carter Dale; and back row:
  Parker Maloney 

The Saint Peter Middle School sixth grade Math Masters team took part in a competition at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato on Friday (March 13). 

There were 189 sixth grade students from 39 teams from schools in our area who competed in this event, according to coach Emilie Kaus.

Fact Drill Round:

Evan Embacher: placed 15th
Sada Harmes: placed 15th
Lily Filand: placed 11th
Parker Maloney: placed 9th
Carter Dale: placed 2nd
Allan Nienow: placed 1st

Individual Round:
Carter Dale: placed 15th
Allan Nienow: placed 4th

Team Round:
Team 1: 4th place
Team 2: 11th place




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Students in George Schoenborn’s accounting class at Saint Peter High School met with Tim Regner, Saint Peter Public Schools’ business manager, during the class on Monday, March 9. Regner talked to the students about his duties as the school district’s business manager as well as about accounting as a career, whether it be in the public or private sector.

A part of Regner’s visit with students was a tour of the Saint Peter High School building where he discussed the concept of plant assets and how the district maintains, records, depreciates, etc., those. During the tour, Regner pointed out items that were plant assets and those that were not.

The following are some of the accounting students’ comments on meeting with Regner:

* Amelia Carlson -- "Accounting class teaches us useful skills that will apply to the real world, and meeting with our school’s business manager helped us to see what we have learned brought to life in our school."

* Nolayn Vande -- "The meeting helped us apply our book learning and assignments to real world accounting and shows us the difference and similarities that allow us to jump a gap and determine how our abilities can assist in multiple fields of finance and not solely accounting. You don't even have to be an accountant to do accounting. Mr. Regner also showed us the difference between private and public business accounting and it also really proves that A=L+OE”

* Hunter Goebel -- “There were a lot of things that we learned about the real life system, and how much different the text books are compared to what businesses actually do. There were also many different things between how a private business runs things compared to a public school. The biggest thing I learned was that the schools don't pay taxes and their plant assets and depreciation isn't as a big concern to them then what they use their funds for for the students. I thought that was really interesting.”

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A group of the cast and crew from the Saint Peter Middle School play, How To Talk Minnesotan, presented a donation for the  PAWS (Providing Animals with Shelter) program through Kind Veterinary Clinic with the money raised during their Friday performance free-will donation. The total amount donated to PAWS was $686.84, which will help with the care and needs of adoptable dogs and cats. 

The cast and crew of 40 kids were excited to not only have a full house Friday night, but to learn they had raised that amount just topped off the excitement for the day.  How to Talk Minnesotan was the first musical performed by the middle school since becoming a 5-8 building and was the second year that included 5th and 6th graders in the cast and the crew. 

“The students should all be proud of their hard work for the last few months, as I know we sure are!”  Angie Schilling, Middle School play co-director, said. “We thought this was a great opportunity to help a foundation in the community and the kids were overwhelmed by the support we received at their night performance.”

Shown here, Saint Peter Middle School play cast & crew members presented Kind Veterinary Clinic with a donation of $686.84 that they raised during the free-will donation held during Friday’s performance of “How to Talk Minnesotan.” Cast & crew members shown here presenting the donation are (l to r) Isabell Mish, Cesar Cruz, Noah Kracht, Emma Bohmer, Annika Stone, and Paige Marquardt along with Morris the cat and a staff member from Kind Vet Clinic.

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Saint Peter Middle School play cast and crew members are busy putting on the finishing touches on their rendition of Howard Mohr’s popular musical, “How to Talk Minnesotan,” which they will bring to the middle school theater stage at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 6.

  The cast & crew of the SPMS musical production of 'How
  To Talk Minnesotan.'

Directors Angie Schilling and Charlotte Smith have been busy with cast and crew the past couple months preparing for this year’s show. 

“Rehearsals have been a lot of fun,” Charlotte Smith said. “Some of the props are pretty ridiculous, so we often find ourselves having to stop for a good laugh. We're currently still stumbling through the show with plenty of stop-and-go, but by the time the big night comes, we'll be raring to go.”

Admission to this year’s middle school play is free, but a freewill offering is being taken with all proceeds being donated to PAWS (Providing Animals With Shelter) at Kind Veterinary Clinic of St. Peter to help with their pet adoption program. 

The following is a complete list of this year’s Middle School play cast and crew:


* Ed Humde - Henry Jacobs
* Lucy Humde - Isabelle Mish
* Darlene Humde - Greta Baker
* Russ - Brendan Larson
* Donna - Katherine Callahan
* Milly - Alix Johnson
* Doctor - Grace Timm
* Nurse - Maya Winsell
* Pastor - Michael Thompson
* Advertisement Ensemble - Madison Braam, Emma Bohmer, Isla Gassman, Robin Hibscher, Drake Smuder, Michael Thompson, Grace Timm, Grae Tollefson, Navaeh Rezmerski, Maya Winsell.
* Minnesota Choir - Madison Braam, Emma Bohmer, Amelica Davis, Isla Gasmman, Robin Hibscher, Lyric Ruble, Drake Smuder, Michael Thompson, Grace Timm, Grace Tollefson, Nevaeh Rezmerski, Maya Winsell. 

* Set crew - Madison Braam, Alexandra Bur, Isabella Cassidy, Anoushka Chelladurai, Elijah Cherland Narum, Cesar Cruz, Miata Ericksen, Alexander Fromm, Noah Kracht, Molly Leonard, Paige Marquart, Matthew Otterness, David Pehrson, Isabel Putz, Annika Stone, Samuel Szybniski, and Emma Smith. 
* Light & Sound Crew - Alexander Bur, Alexander Fromm, Elijah Cherland Narum. 
* Costume Crew: Molly Leonard, Emma Smith
* Props Crew - Isabella Cassidy, Anoushka Chelladurai, Miata Erickson, Paige Marquart, Isabel Putz.
* Scenery Crew - Cesar Cruz, Noah Kracht, Matthew Otterness, David Pehrson, Samuel Szybniski.
* Stage Director - Charlotte Smith.
* Scenery/Costumes/Props Director - Angie Schilling. 

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Saint Peter Middle School seventh grade students took part in the annual History Day exhibit at the school’s media center on Feb. 13.

  The Saint Peter Middle School media center hosted
  the annual seventh grade History Day exhibits 

According to SPMS history teacher, Dustin Sharstrom, History Day has been around since 1980 and students all around the country compete. The theme this year was "breaking barriers" and all students selected a topic that in their mind broke barriers in history

“This year we had the president of the Treaty Site Kate Martens volunteering almost daily helping students with projects,” Sharstrom said. “We also had city council members, school board members, as well as members from The League of Women Voters all volunteering with History Day. Also, we had our State Representative Jeff Brand volunteers with projects.”

There were also three different college students serving as tutors helping students with projects. Around 25 to 30 SPMS students will compete at regional competition in March and can qualify for state and national competitions.