North Elementary

All students at North Intermediate have access to a Shared Virtual Space called Seesaw. Students have been using Seesaw to document their learning through the guidance of their teachers at school. By using their Google login information, students can access the Seesaw app through mobile devices or the webpage on a computer. If a Flexible Learning Day occurs, students will login to their Seesaw account and complete the learning tasks assigned by their teachers. North Intermediate teachers will have the day's tasks posted on the Seesaw site by 10:00 am on the Flexible Learning Day. For students who don't have internet access on inclement weather days, their teacher will provide time and resources for them to complete the Flexible Learning Day tasks on the next day that school is in session. Students in need of assistance in completing their flexible learning day activities may come to the North Media Center during regular school hours for support; however, preregistration is required. Please call the North Office at 507-934-3260 to register by November 30.