Credit Hours & Graduation Requirements

Rock Bend Academy is an alternative education program of Saint Peter Public Schools. Students are able to fulfill requirements established by the Minnesota State Department of Education.

Students who attend Rock Bend ALC earn credit hours through attendance and acceptable participation. One classroom hour represents 45 minutes of acceptable participation. Credits are awarded to students based on one credit being equal to 120 hours. Students may accelerate credit generation to recover previously failed courses by demonstrating content mastery.

The number of classroom hours the student completed in each area will be communicated if and when students transfer to another school. Credit evaluations are completed according to Saint Peter High School’s graduation requirements. Receiving schools have the right to evaluate credit hours and credits according to their own requirements and standards.

Students may earn more credit hours at Rock Bend ALC than they would in a traditional high school setting because we are a small setting with few electives and no study halls. Much of the day is devoted to academic work and specific skill progression. Receiving schools have the right to make the determination about Rock Bend ALC credit hours and how they fit into the student’s total academic program.

Students attending the Rock Bend ALC for less than a full quarter may only earn Pass/Fall grades and credit hours.

The grade placement in the student’s record is determined by the most recent educational data supplied to us. Actual grade placement is determined by the resident district and is based on their criteria. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we automatically roll students in the next grade at the end of the school year.

Saint Peter High School requires students to earn 27 credits for a diploma. All students must satisfactorily complete all credit and course requirements before they will be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony for graduation. These requirements include:

  • 4.5 credits of English: students are required to take one required English course per year and a .5 credit communication course.
  • 3.5 credits of Social Studies: must include geography, world history, US history, government, citizenship and economics
  • 4.0 credits of Math: Including geometry and algebra II
  • 4.0 credits of Science: must include physics, chemistry and biology
  • 1.0 credit of Fine Art: fine Art credits may be earned by taking any course in the music or art department
  • .5 credit of Health
  • 1.5 credits of Physical Education
  • 8.0 credits of additional coursework (electives)