To report a student's absence please contact the Saint Peter High School attendance clerk, Tamara Mayer, at 507-934-4212, ext. 6132, or email her at

The following link provides a detailed explanation of the school's attendance policy. This information is also found in the student-parent handbook.

Attendance Information

Early Dismissal

Students who need to leave school early must obtain a "Leave School Permit" from the attendance office. A signed pass from a parent/guardian is required.

Advanced Notice of Absences
Students who are aware of upcoming absences (school- or non-school related) are required to obtain an "Advanced Make-Up" slip from the attendance office. If the absence is non-school related, a signed pass from a parent/guardian is required. We encourage all families that are planning to miss school due to family vacations or trips to contact teachers 2-3 weeks prior to the trip and make arrangements with them to have students make up missing work.