Superintendent's Welcome

Bill Gronseth

Welcome to Saints Nation!

I am honored to be serving the community as Superintendent of Saint Peter Schools where learning matters! There are many reasons why Saint Peter Schools is an exciting place to be for students, staff, and families. From early childhood through high school, we are able to provide our students with the learning opportunities they need to pursue their goals and dreams. Education is the key to a successful future, providing the knowledge and skills students need to engage their potential and unleash their ambitions.

Picture a long hallway lined with locked doors. Behind each door is a place of possibility, a chance to do and see and learn and become. There are many doors, chock-full of many different and exciting opportunities. As a person walks down that hall, they can earn keys to open doors- how many is up to the individual, but it’s safe to say that more keys mean more open doors and more opportunities.

That is how I picture the E-12 educational experience. The courses students choose, the activities in which they participate, the level of effort dedicated to learning and the experiences they have outside of school are “keys” that will open doors as students make that important transition from childhood to adulthood.

Everything we do as educators is focused on helping students to open doors of possibility for their future. Teams of staff are working together toward specific goals focused on increasing student achievement, ensuring all students have access to opportunities, and supporting the success of every student. Whether it is providing a healthy meal, cleaning the spaces in which we learn, driving a bus, or leading lessons in the classroom, all of this work is geared toward one goal: providing a quality education that prepares all students for successful lives as global citizens in the home, community, and the wider world.

We consider you an important partner in all that we do and are proud to work closely with you to provide your student with as many keys to success as possible!

Kind Regards,

Bill Gronseth

Kimberly Deming - Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
(507) 934- 5703 ext. 1000