SPMS All Stars

SPMS has combined their monthly Stars award with their AAA award to honor more students each month.  The new award called "SPMS All Stars" showcases students nominated for showing excellence and pride in their activities and in the classroom. 

The Middle School is divided into 'houses' and there will be 2 students from each house represented monthly.  The award will include 2 students from 5th grade in the 'Oak house'., 2 students from 6th grade in the 'Spruce house', 2 students from 7th or 8th grade in the 'Maple house', and the 'Pine house'. Each student has their individual picture in a showcase at the Middle School.  Congratulations to all our SPMS All-Stars!

7th/8th grade SPMS All Stars
(From left to right: Judd Wartmann, Josie Scrabeck, Maya King, Molli Weber)

5th/6th grade SPMS All Stars 
(From left to right: Isaac Ristow, Logan Ely, Nora Anderson, Vivi Turrittin)