Big Ideas trailer at SPHS

Saint Peter High School Career & Technical Education (CTE) students had virtual and hands-on opportunities to visit the Big Ideas’ trailer, which stopped by the SPHS campus on Monday. Those CTE students taking part in this event are studying either woodworking, metal fabrication, agri-science and/or building trades here at SPHS.

Students visiting Big Ideas’ trailer worked in stations that provided hands-on experience in the areas of heavy equipment operation, welding, and building construction. There was also a virtual reality (VR) station set up inside the agri-science classroom where students could choose from 25 different skills. 

According to the group’s website, “Big Ideas, Inc.’s mission is to provide opportunities for people to discover, explore, and learn both technical and soft skills needed to succeed in skilled trades. We use leading-edge augmented and virtual reality hands-on technologies to engage curious learners and then in-shop minicourses to continue the exploration. We are proud of our collaboration with professional tradespeople who share their skills, knowledge, and stories to give learners front-line insight into the wide variety of options offered in every aspect of skilled trades."

Below are some more photo highlights from the Big Ideas' trailer stopping by SPHS!