Ag students planting seedlings

Students (grades 10-12) in Gena Lilienthal’s two Wildlife & Natural Resources classes and her Plant Science class have worked since earlier this year planting and growing around 750 native seedlings. Those seedlings were then replanted at various locations near the walking/biking paths around Community Spirit Park, under the guidance of the City of St. Peter Parks Department.

City of St. Peter Maintenance Superintendent Joel Schmidt met with some of the students last week to show them where and how to plant the seedlings in Community Spirit Park. Here are some photo highlights from one of the classes doing the replanting project.

“The city of St. Peter Parks Department gave us numerous packets of seeds to plant and start for them,” Lilienthal said. “The seed packets we used had 17 different native plant species that will provide feed for six special bee species and five different species of butterflies.  We grew 750 total pots.  We started planting at Spirit Park, but we have lots left so we will be going to other parks around Saint Peter later this week.”

See below for more photos of the replanting project!