SPHS Saints Brew cart crew

Saint Peter High School’s Saints Brew three-person cart crew, from Liz Leibfried’s classroom, started making their rounds on Wednesday afternoon with their always-popular snack and beverage cart for SPHS staff. 

This year’s three-person crew, consisting of Kallie Brovold, Abby Schily, and Paul Warzecha (shown above), plans to make the trek around the building two times per week – during fourth block on Wednesdays and Fridays. What treats they offer varies from week to week but often includes baked goods such as cookies, bars, and muffins, and also, a fruit or veggie snack option is often offered. The beverage choices usually include water, coffee, or hot chocolate. 

The students don’t charge anything for their treats and beverages, but they do accept donations and use those funds to buy more snacks and beverages for the cart. This activity provides these students with important life skills while also providing a valuable service to SPHS staff.