Storyvoice livestream event at North
Author Jerry Pallota  of 'Who Would Win' series was the featured speaker for event

Thirty students from North Elementary participated in the Storyvoice livestreaming author talk at the North Media Center featuring Jerry Pallota, author of the “Who Would Win” series of books which are wildly popular at both South Elementary and North Elementary.

“During these half-hour Storyvoice sessions, the author usually talks a bit, then reads a second of one of their books and then takes live questions from kids,” Karen Snay, Saint Peter Public Schools’ library media specialist, said. “

According to Snay, the 30 students who attended the live-stream session at North, were so excited to see Jerry Pallotta speak and listened raptly as he read the book Rattlesnake vs. Secretary Bird: Who Would Win?

“Spoiler alert: the secretary bird wins!! Although our school didn't get chosen to ask a question (schools from all over the country participate in the live stream) one school did ask Jerry the question, "Why did you decide to write these books?" Jerry answered that it made him sad if kids said they did not like reading. Therefore, he always tries to think like a six- or seven- year old and to figure out what they would like to read and he started writing the Who Would Win series to help encourage kids to read.”

Students in grades 2, 3, and 4 could sign up to participate in the Storyvoice event, but space was limited to 30 students. See below for more photos!