SPHS exchange student

Above, SPHS exchange student Kanyanat (Fo) Laocharoenchai (left) and her host sibling, Reign Harmon.

Saint Peter High School is fortunate most school years to have foreign exchange students attend classes here. These students provide a valuable opportunity for our students and staff to learn about a new country and culture, as well as teaching them about life in the U.S. 

This year's SPHS has four exchange students attending classes here. Last month we profiled Tereza Losova of the Czech Republic, and this month we are profiling Kanyanat (Fo) Laocharoenchai from Thailand, who is staying with the Harmon family. The following is her Q&A profile:

Parents and family members in Thailand: My family has five members. My father is Taveesit and my mother is Sukanya. I have two older sisters – Benz and Che. I am the youngest child in my family.

St. Peter Host family members: Host parents are Nancy & Jay Harmon and host sister is Reign Harmon

Hometown in Thailand: My hometown in Thailand is in Khonkaen.

Hobbies and interests: My hobbies are cooking, going shopping, hanging out, and enjoying eating!

Are you here for the full school year or just the semester? I will be here for the full school year.

What is/are your favorite class(es) here at SPHS? I enjoyed the Sports and Entertainment Marketing Class! This class is my favorite class and I am always waiting for this class. This class made me know myself better, I have a clear goal of what to do in the future and go for it.

What activities are you involved with here? I am doing Bellas (the choir group).

Have you visited the U.S. before? I have not visited the U.S. This is my first time!

What was the biggest adjustment(s) you had to make when you moved here for this school year? I have to adjust many things because Asian culture is very different from here. The weather is colder than my country. The food and people are different too!

Are there any new things you've tried here that you've really enjoyed? I think the Sports and Entertainment Marketing class makes me enjoy it! In Thailand, we don't have elective classes like here and this class is a new class for me. I always have fun with this class, and the time will pass fast when I study this class.

What do you miss most about life in Thailand? My family and friends are the most things that I miss! I miss the time after school with my friends. I always have activities to do with my friends such as reading books together, eating, driving a car around the city for no reason, etc. Also, I miss Asian food.

Will you have to return to high school back in Thailand, or will you move on to college/post-secondary school? I have to return back to my high school in Thailand and I will be in my senior year!

Is there anywhere here in the U.S. you'd like to visit before returning back to Thailand? Yes! I want to visit New York before I return back to Thailand. In my opinion, New York is a city that is beautiful and flourishing. So I want to visit once in my life.