SPMS bullying discussion

Sixth-grade health students in Mrs. Evans’ classes at Saint Peter Middle School held a lengthy discussion about bullying earlier this week with Betty Makori from Counseling Services of Southern Minnesota.  (Makori is shown above talking to the third-period health class.)

Among the topics covered in Makori’s presentation included: what is bullying, the types of bullying, and how to prevent bullying. The presentation also touched on the topics of healthy relationships and self-respect, and how they can be impacted by bullying.

“I think bullying is a really important topic to cover in school every year, and having a counselor in the classroom was a great resource,” Evans said. “Students were able to get valuable information and learn more about what a counselor actually does. I think it is important for students to see who is available to them if they do need help. We talk a lot about getting help, but we don’t always show students who or where those resources are.

“This was just the beginning of our health unit on bullying and healthy relationships. I look forward to facilitating discussions with my classes on things that truly affect them.”

Counseling Services of Southern Minnesota provides counseling services for Saint Peter Public Schools' students and has a counselor available to students at SPMS every day during the school year. Students are referred to them through the SPMS Student Services office.